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Clint Eastwood Oscar-Winning Film Leaving Netflix This Weekend

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Tim Ockenden - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Right from under your nose one night, a popular Clint Eastwood film will be vanishing off the popular streaming service Netflix. It will leave on January 31, so go ahead and watch before it’s gone for good.

If you won’t get to see the movie this article is going to feel like a tough pill to swallow. The Eastwood movie in question is “Mystic River.” This 2003 film earned a total of six different Oscar nominations.

Not only that, but the movie also was able to lasso in a total of $100 million at the box office. Now, it’s not going to have a home where around 207 million people pay monthly to see amazing content. This movie is often seen as somewhat of a forgotten relic in Clint Eastwood’s resume. Although it’s his second-best movie that he directed, others seem to generate more continuous hype.

What exactly is this Eastwood movie about, in the first place?

The movie starts in Boston in 1975. We get a glimpse at the earlier life of three different pre-teens — Jimmy (Sean Penn), Sean (Kevin Bacon), and Dave (Tim Robbins). The friends’ lives are forever changed when one day Dave is kidnapped and raped by two men.

“Mystic River” then fast-forwards 25 years in the future. The three of them all still live in Boston but have grown apart over the years. As if things couldn’t get worse for these former Three Musketeer-type friends, well, it does. Jimmy’s oldest daughter gets murdered. That same night, Dave happens to return home covered in blood.

Obviously, he becomes the No. 1 suspect. After all, when you roll up coated in blood, you look guilty of something. Dave’s wife, Jimmy, and Sean (now a homicide detective) all think he is responsible for Katie’s death.

From there, things get even more juicy and complicated. Through the harsh despair and storylines, “Mystic River” shows some of Clint Eastwood’s astounding talent at covering touchy topics and expressing the human experience. The movie covers revenge, violence, friendship, justice, family, and forgiveness all in a little over two hours.

Clint Eastwood Movie Launches Careers

The film also helped further launch some new stars’ careers. Emmy Rossum, who played Katie, was only 17 at the time. Now, she has a very popular role as Fiona Gallagher in “Shameless.” Katie’s boyfriend in the movie is Tom Guiry. You likely recognize him as Smalls in the classic coming-of-age sports movie, “The Sandlot.” This role shows just how capable he is to take on a wide array of different projects.

Not to mention, Laura Linney (Jimmy’s wife) has one of the most spectacular scenes in the entire film near the end. Both Penn and Robbins also walked away with Oscars from their performance.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it certainly will appeal to some audiences. While some might find it to be too dark, others can appreciate Eastwood’s masterful and thought-provoking project.