Clint Eastwood Says It’s ‘Too Late’ to ‘Age Gracefully’ in Post Looking Back at His Life

by Joe Rutland

If you think that legendary actor-director Clint Eastwood is going to focus a lot on aging gracefully these days, then you can forget it.

Eastwood talked about this in a social media post looking back upon his incredible life and career. With simply two words, “Time flies”, he sent out a photo from his official Twitter account on Sunday with a montage of photos along with a quote.

The photos reflect many different times in Eastwood’s career. Those black-and-white pictures harken back to his days as “Rowdy” Yates on hit television Western show “Rawhide.”

Then you have Clint Eastwood from those “Spaghetti western” flicks like “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” and “A Fistful of Dollars.”

Obviously, he didn’t want to leave out Harry Callahan from the “Dirty Harry” movies. Onward, more pictures reflect his time in movies like “Unforgiven” and “Gran Torino.”

Clint Eastwood Has Collected Numerous Awards Through Career

At the age of 91, Clint Eastwood is still involved in the entertainment industry. But he’s packed enough life in that one could excuse his lack of desire around looking too seriously at aging gracefully.

Eastwood has won four Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and an AFI Life Achievement Award. He’s also left quite a legacy of looks and script lines from so many different movies. “Dirty Harry” had its fair share; “Gran Torino” does, too.

We mentioned Clint Eastwood is 91 years old. His birthday was May 31. Did you think he’s through working at his age? Nope, he’s not done yet.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, his next directorial feature “Cry Macho” is set to come out on Oct. 22. In the movie, Eastwood plays a retired rodeo star who is attempting to bring his former boss’s son to Texas from rural Mexico.

One Time, A Young Actor Appeared With Superstar Steve McQueen

While we’ve been talking about Eastwood’s idea on aging gracefully, there was a moment in time where he appeared with Steve McQueen.

McQueen, for those who don’t know, was a superstar at the box office. He also played a lot of non-hero types on screen. But let’s get down to the time Eastwood and Mcqueen appeared together on the screen. The small screen, that is.

They appeared in an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” called “Human Interest Story” in 1959. McQueen played Bill Everett, a reporter who gets sent by his editor to interview a man who claims that he’s a Martian. It makes for an interesting story, for sure.

Well, Clint Eastwood plays a non-speaking role as a newsman in the background. He is simply an actor taking up space in the back, but it would not be much longer until he was right there in front.