Clint Eastwood’s Son Scott Revealed How His Dad Would Punish Him with This Perfect Impersonation

by Jon D. B.

In this 2018 interview with BackstageOL, Clint Eastwood’s son, actor Scott Eastwood, revealed his pitch-perfect impersonation of his famous father.

During his press tour for ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising,’ actor Scott Eastwood held an energetic interview with BackstageOL. Discussing everything from Scott’s love of Austin, Texas, to the “choreography” of the sci-fi epic, the topic eventually moves to Scott’s famous father, legendary actor Clint Eastwood, when BOL asks him “How’s dad?”

“Dad’s good!” Scott replies kindly.

“What would surprise us to know about your dad?” BOL’s interviewer continues to Scott with a smile. “Any fun fact you could share with us? Any punishments he would use as a child? Because I’d be terrified if [Clint Eastwood] was my dad.”

“You should be!” Scott quips back.

After swapping a few laughs amidst wondering how it would be to have Clint Eastwood as a father, Scott smiles with an “oh yeah.” A switch flips – and he becomes his father.

“He’ll take you down with a look. He’ll take you… right down,” Scott swaggers with a perfect impersonation of his father – head cock and all.

Sounds like all it took for Clint to punish Scott was “a look!” Don’t doubt it for a second. Watch the ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ interview below for this excellent moment, alongside plenty more from Scott Eastwood via 2018:

Clint Eastwood Has 8 Children Total

While no other child will ever look as much like their father as Scott does Clint, the famous actor and director has eight children in total.

After his divorce from his first wife, Maggie, Clint Eastwood began seeing flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. Then, in 1986, Reeves gave birth to Scott Clinton Reeves – who we know today as Scott Eastwood.

As mentioned, Scott bares a striking resemblance to his father. It is genuinely uncanny, even. Yet when he began pursuing acting as a career, Scott first kept the last name Reeves to avoid bias in the industry.

The decision, however, would prove short-lived, and futile. No one in their right mind could ever look at Scott Eastwood and not see his father staring back at them – last name ‘Eastwood’ or otherwise:

In the end, and to this day, Scott remains Clint Eastwood’s most famous child. He’s made a name for himself in hits like ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ above, ‘Suicide Squad,’ and ‘The Longest Ride.’

And let us not forget, Scott is the leading man in Taylor Swift’s 2015 “Wildest Dreams” music video, too. Never living that one down! Though it is, undoubtedly, nice work if you can get it.