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Clint Eastwood’s ‘The Beguiled’ Co-Star Admits to Stabbing the Star On Set in 1971

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images)

Although we cannot relate, one of Clint Eastwood’s co-stars admits to stabbing the star in the foot while filming “The Beguiled.”

Melody Thomas Scott may be 64-years-old now, but carries the weight of injuring Clint Eastwood during the 1971 film “The Beguiled” still to this day. Scott is best known for her role as Nikki Newman on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

Since Scott’s acting career began when she was just four years old, by 15, she was already a seasoned veteran, or so you would think.

“The Girl Who Stabbed Clint Eastwood With a Needle”

In her book, Always Young and Restless, she reflects on a time that she coined the name “the girl who stabbed Clint Eastwood with a needle.”

Not the name we would like to be known for, but hey, no publicity is bad publicity!

On the set of “The Beguiled,” Clint Eastwood’s character dies. (Sorry for any spoilers, but the movie came out in 1971… at this point, it’s fair game) According to Classic Country Music, a few female characters came in to sew a burial shroud to the dead Eastwood, Melody Thomas Scott being one of them.

She was armed with a “long, extremely thick, authentic Civil War sewing needle” by Clint Eastwood’s feet for the scene. She randomly felt the sudden urge to stab Eastwood in the foot with the sizable needle.

“I cannot explain what went through my mind, but I couldn’t resist it. He certainly didn’t deserve it because he was so sweet to us kids. Every morning, he’d come out of his [trailer] and give us all a kiss on the cheek. I mean Clint Eastwood, Oh my god. We just adored him. I sat there for a few minutes thinking: Oh, no, I can’t do that. I can’t do that, I can’t do that. Oh, yes, I can! And I did it.”

Naturally, Clint Eastwood screamed bloody murder and jumped out of the grave he was lying in. However, he thought a bug bit him and was not stabbed in the foot with a most-likely tetanus-ridden massive needle by an innocent little girl.

Eastwood was fine, despite the quick prick.

30 Years Later…

Who was she to change the mind of the famous Clint Eastwood? So, Scott stuck with Eastwood’s story and didn’t admit to it until 30 years later.

In 2004, at the Publicist Awards, Clint Eastwood won one of many accolades. Scott was one of the presenters at the show and finally fessed up to the random stabbing.

“He just gave me that kind of wry look — that Eastwood look — like you never know exactly what he’s thinking,” she says. “He never really said in words, ‘You’re forgiven.’ But at least I got that off my chest, and he — and most of Hollywood — knew I did that.”

That’s quite the guilt to carry with you for 30-years. Although, it’s never too late to admit to stabbing a world-famous actor.