Clint Eastwood’s ‘Cry Macho’ Co-Star Describes Nerves at Meeting Him for First Time

by Jonathan Howard

Another Clint Eastwood movie has given us another great western tale. This time Cry Macho brought the 91-year-old back to the screen. Meeting the film star for the first time was a nerve-racking moment for one costar.

Throughout the movie, viewers are treated to various beautiful landscapes throughout New Mexico. The American Southwest is beautiful. Cry Macho brings those scenes to life and even some homegrown talent represents NM in the film. As the star and director, Eastwood painted the picture as he wanted it to be. From small, dark and dusty rooms to wide open landscapes of the southwest, the film has a breadth of scenes.

Will Bannister performs Find a New Home in the movie. When talking about working with Eastwood, Bannister said, “We got to hang out with Clint Eastwood a few times and got our picture took with him. Personally, it was an honor to get to experience something like that…I grew up watching his movies.”

Bannister was selected by producers for his “Merle Haggard-sound” something he takes great pride in. Rocko Reyes who played Capitan Garcia in the film also had words to say about the film legend.

“That was the best part of that project for me, Clint Eastwood asking for me. It’s one of the most beautiful things of my career, working with him. It was an honor; it was a pleasure,” Reyes said.

Ever since the pandemic began, the movie industry has taken a hard turn into streaming. Even brand new theatrical releases are put on a streaming service. Cry Macho is no different. Movie watchers have had the option of streaming or going to see the film in person.

‘Cry Macho’ Fails to Get Crowds in Theaters

Well, it looks like streaming is going to keep playing a large role in the movie industry. With Cry Macho, there was some interest in seeing the movie in person. However, that did not materialize into crowded theaters. HBO Max is the place to go if you want to watch it on streaming, but will only be available for one month on the platform.

Cry Macho earned just $4.5 million in the first weekend. That put it third on the list of films that were out on the weekend of September 17th. The film that did make waves in theaters was Shang Chi. It brought in $21 million during the same weekend.

David Gross of Franchise Entertainment Research said, “This is a weak opening in the face of two formidable obstacles: Older moviegoers are not yet ready to return to the movies in force, and the film is available at home. But with soft reviews, even in normal times, the movie would be opening below average for a Clint Eastwood Western drama.