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Clint Eastwood’s Son Kyle Makes Major Career Announcement

by Jennifer Shea
Jordi Vidal/Redferns

Like his father Clint Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood is a performer. He plays fretted and fretless electric bass guitar as well as double bass.

Not only that, but the younger Eastwood has his own band. And he and his band are embarking on a tour of France this summer. Eastwood took to Instagram on Thursday to alert fans to his upcoming tour and to celebrate the opportunity it represents.

“’Cinematic’ Tour starts Sunday!” Eastwood posted. “Can’t wait to get back to making live music with the band, Quentin Collins, Brandon Allen, Andrew McCormack, Chris Higginbottom plus special guests! See you on the road!”

Clint Eastwood’s Son Garners Positive Reviews

Eastwood has earned glowing reviews for his jazz records, the most recent of which was 2019’s Cinematic. He has released nearly a dozen albums during his more than two decades as bandleader.

“The resemblance to his famous actor-director dad is unmistakable, but bassist, composer and bandleader Kyle Eastwood isn’t riding anybody’s coattails,” Time Out declared.

Eastwood is a longtime Paris resident, but he grew up in Carmel, California. According to the BBC, he and his family became regulars at the annual local jazz festival. And thanks to his dad, Eastwood got to meet visiting jazz stars from Dizzy Gillespie to Sarah Vaughn.

Those encounters only further stoked his interest in jazz, which was played frequently at his home growing up. Eastwood also got to sharpen his musical skills by working on the soundtracks to movies such as “The Rookie” and “Mystic River.”

Eastwood’s Music Career Grew Out of Family and Festivals

It was the twin influences of his family and live music festivals that propelled Eastwood toward a jazz career. Growing up in Carmel, he was just a short drive away from the Monterey Jazz Festival, the longest continually-running jazz festival in the world.  

“Both my parents are big jazz fans, so I grew up with a lot of music around the house,” Eastwood explained in a 2017 interview with For Bass Players Only. “I remember being really intrigued by, you know, even when my father – watching my father, listening to my father play piano, you know. Sort of just the idea of being able to play an instrument well sort of intrigued me.”  

“I think that hearing jazz live at a young age, even more so than just hearing the records around the house, really kind of got me interested in wanting to learn to play an instrument,” he added.

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