Clint Eastwood’s Son Scott Remembers ‘Volatile Moment’ With Shia LaBeouf on ‘Fury’ Set

by Matthew Memrick

Scott Eastwood, son of legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood, recalled a moment when things got “volatile” on the “Fury” movie set with Shia LaBeouf.

The actor recently talked to Insider via The Hollywood Reporter about the 2014 film. He remembered the tense war drama’s one scene upset LaBeouf and Brad Pitt. In it, Eastwood was supposed to crew tobacco and spit it on the group’s tank. 

The two men had to get broken up by Pitt, Eastwood told Insider.

Eastwood Not Cool About Co-Star’s Treatment

Years after the film, Scott Eastwood said actors should help and not “hinder how people are treated on set.”

He added that a group of actors should work to “enhance the production” and not make for “[email protected]#y work environment” conditions.

Eastwood said it came down to being respectful while working during film production.

At the same time, IMDb reported that director David Ayer had the actors fight each other on set before scenes. Somehow, that meant to bring the actors together for the bonding experience. 

LaBeouf’s representative did not get back to The Hollywood Reporter about the comments. Both Eastwood and LaBeouf are 35.

Scott Eastwood Says You Must Know Your Limits

The son of Clint Eastwood seems to know where to draw the line and set up boundaries.

He added he knows when it’s fun and when the film work can be “serious.” At the same time, Eastwood said, “everything has to have its parameters.”

The 58-year-old Pitt commented on the incident eight years ago in British GQ, saying that all the film’s actors bonded with the tank. The longtime actor said something got personal and heated. 

Pitt said that he and LaBeouf took offense to Eastwood sitting in the back and spitting juice. Both men started to lose their cool. They felt Eastwood was “disrespecting our home.” Pitt asked Eastwood to “clean up” his mess. Then, the actor recalled LaBeouf jumping in the situation. Both men came down hard on Eastwood.

However, both men soon found out that Scott Eastwood was doing his job because the spitting was in the script for his character. There’s no mention if they apologized to Eastwood, but the men would’ve likely worked things out to continue working.

LaBeouf Showed Signs Of Trouble With Cast

Pitt told the publication that he applauded LaBeouf for his “commitment.” and added that he was “one of the best actors” around. 

LaBeouf, however, has struggled in the past few years in his personal life with fewer movie roles. During “Fury,” the actor seemingly was in a method acting mindset. Page Six said LaBeouf didn’t shower, had a tooth pulled for the movie, and repeatedly cut his face with a knife to give himself the character’s wounds. At one point, LaBeouf segregated himself at a bed and breakfast location from the rest of the cast for sleeping and meals.

Currently, he is working with Robert De Niro on an upcoming film named “After Exile.” IMDb did not list any film work for LaBeouf in 2021 or 2022.

On the other hand, Scott Eastwood currently stars in the Amazon Prime film, “I Want You Back” with Charlie Day.