Clint Eastwood’s Son Turned Down Major Blockbuster on Father’s Advice

by Madison Miller

Any kind of Clint Eastwood advice, especially related to the acting world, is not something you ignore. Even if you are his own son (or, especially if you’re his own son).

One of Clint Eastwood’s sons is Scott Eastwood. The 35-year-old has started to pave his own path as an actor as he tries to follow in the absolutely tremendous footsteps of his legendary father.

Scott has starred in a number of different projects like “I Want You Back,” which got added to Amazon Prime Video this year. Some other roles include “The Fate of the Furious,” “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” “The Longest Ride,” and “Suicide Squad.”

Scott Eastwood starred in “Suicide Squad” in 2016 as GQ Edwards. He plays a Navy SEAL Lieutenant whose job is to assist Rick Flag during the Task Force X mission. It all comes to a climactic battle at the very end of the movie. At the end, it appears as though Eastwood’s character was killed.

The movie had a lot of controversies and overall pretty negative reviews. In a recent interview with Insider, Scott Eastwood explained why his character didn’t return for the 2021 “Suicide Squad” movie. He ended up following advice from his father and did not accept a future role.

“They didn’t want to pay me any money for those next movies and … they didn’t have another script for the other movie, so I didn’t know what I was going to be signing myself up for. I said, ‘They don’t want to pay me,’ He said, ‘If it feels like they really need you and if it’s a good part, then do it. If not, then don’t.’ I didn’t have the answer to those questions at that time. I wasn’t going to have the answers, and they were pressuring me. So ultimately it didn’t happen,” Eastwood told the news outlet.

At the time, Warner Bros. was trying to get Eastwood to sign a deal for three movies all at once. However, Warner Bros. was not providing any details or scripts for these future flicks so Eastwood had no idea what he was even signing up for.

His character returning would have been very interesting. Seeing as he apparently dies, an epic return could have been a good plot twist for “Suicide Squad” films.

As for Scott Eastwood’s acting career, he’s starting to question if it’s something worth pursuing anymore. He admitted that he is nowhere near where he wants to be in his career. He’s unsure if this is something “I really want to subject myself to into my 40s. I don’t know.”

In many ways, Scott Eastwood has extra wisdom when it comes to making it in Hollywood. His own career, as well as his father’s acting, writing, and directing career, has shown him the positives and negatives of it all.

“The pros are you get to travel the world, jump into different characters. You have good experiences, mediocre experiences, and terrible experiences — and I put that in the pros because that’s just part of life. The cons are you are really a cog in the wheel. Film is a director’s medium, and if an actor thinks any different they’re just very naive,” Scott Eastwood also said.