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Clint Howard’s Ice Cream Man Impression Left Kelly Clarkson Shook

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Film star Clint Howard’s Halloween Ice Cream Man impression creeped out talk show host Kelly Clarkson recently.

The 62-year-old was recently on the singer’s talk show to talk about his co-memoir with brother Ron Howard.

The Howard boys recently released “The Boys” and doing the talk show rounds to promote their book.

Clarkson asked if any of the two brothers considered Halloween a big part of the year. They admitted to liking the holiday. Then, she even wondered if the Howards dressed up any in the short Instagram clip, and they answered no. 

But Clint Howard said he loved to use on particular impression. The actor, who seems to have grown a creeper appearance over time, even trotted out an ice cream man impression.

Clint Howard’s voice seemed freaked out, and Clarkson started walking off stage from her chair.

One Instagram viewer watched the clip and responded, “Oh helll no. Kel, you need us on the show instead ;)”

Clarkson Unaware Of Howard’s Film

Clint Howard has over 200 acting credits and 60 years of acting experience, appearing in such movies as “The Waterboy” and “Apollo 13.”

Maybe Kelly Clarkson didn’t know Clint Howard played an insane ice cream man named Gregory Tudor for a 1995 campy horror spoof film. Maybe she did. Over the years, fans have turned the movie into a cult classic of sorts. 

IMDB said the film had a cadre of stars, including “People’s Court” announcer Doug Llewelyn, 80s heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent, and longtime actress Olivia Hussey.

One of the website’s notable facts from the movie included a juicy Clint Howard tidbit. The actor said he screamed and yelled at the top of his lungs while driving in a car every day to the set to have a more gravelly voice for his role.

Clint Howard Can’t Recall “Griffith” Appearance

While both men played child actors, brother Ron Howard was a main character on the nostalgic “The Andy Griffith Show.”

But there were five opportunities for Clint Howard to make his way on the show. As a two-year-old, the boy played Leon on the show. But we can only tell Clint Howard this.

When asked about it, he said, “I don’t remember. What I remember are the conversations and the talks with Mom and Dad about all this, but I do not remember when I started in the entertainment business.”

Clint Howard joked about his early start for one interview. He told The AV Club that “he’s been paying attention for about 55 years and actually been in the business for 60.”

When he watched himself in the Griffith episodes, he remarked that he was a “cute kid.”

That cuteness might have been what landed him the part. When Clint and his mom were there to watch brother Ron on the show, the director said the young boy was too cute not to be on the show. And soon, that cuteness accounted for five episodes.