Cody Canada & The Departed to Reboot Classic Album ‘Soul Gravy’

by Clayton Edwards

When it comes to Red Dirt country music, few people have a more impressive resume than Cody Canada. He fronted Cross Canadian Ragweed for more than 15 years. After Ragweed broke up in 2010, Cody Canada, bassist Jeremy Plato, and drummer Eric Hansen formed The Departed. Since 2011, the power trio has been packing venues, selling albums, and keeping good music alive and well. Recently, Canada announced that he and the band are digging back into one of the most popular releases in CCR’s catalog.

On July 1st, we’re getting a rebooted version of the Cross Canadian Ragweed classic Soul Gravy. CCR recorded the album in 2004 while the band was signed with Universal South Records. Fans around the world have been cranking that album for nearly 20 years. Now, Cody Canada & The Departed, along with some special guests, are re-recording it.

Soul Gravy peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart in 2004. Additionally, two singles from the record – “Alabama” and “Sick and Tired,” which featured Lee Ann Womack –charted on the Hot Country Songs chart.

“Sick and Tired”

Why Cody Canada & The Departed Are Rebooting Soul Gravy

In a recent press release, Cody Canada discussed why he and the Departed are revisiting Soul Gravy. “I never was satisfied with the recording of Soul Gravy,” Canada said. “The songs are still my favorite collection of songs – but the way we recorded it was with digital amps. I wanted to do it with tube amps and we just didn’t have time because we were so busy.”

Cody Canada went on to say, “That was a busy year so we recorded fast. No amps. All pod. I didn’t like that idea and got out-voted. This time, I did it the way I wanted. I can finally own recordings of these songs again and have them on vinyl.”

These days, Cody Canada & The Departed have their own studio. As a result, they don’t have to worry about time constraints and can record things the way they see fit. You can hear that in recent releases from the band like “Shut Up and Sing” and “If You Want It That Much.” Now, they’re using that studio space and extra time to bring Soul Gravy to life the way Canada wanted it in the first place.

Special Guests for Soul Gravy

Cody Canada & The Departed are bringing in some of the folks who made the original release of Soul Gravy so good. For instance, Lee Ann Womack is coming back to re-record “Sick and Tired” and that’s only the beginning. Canada said, “Randy Rogers and I wrote ‘Again’ so he’s on it. One of our students from the School of Rock in New Braunfels sings on it. Ray Wylie Hubbard sings on it and I got another guy that’s been jammin’ with me named Ryan Snipes, he’s all over this thing. I really wanted to showcase the people that helped me write the tunes.”

Soul Gravy will hit digital streaming platforms on July 1st. Later this year, fans will be able to own the album on vinyl for the first time. Fans of Cross Canadian Ragweed should be keeping an eye on Cody Canada & The Departed because there are rumors of more reissues coming in the near future.