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Cole Hauser Sends Holiday Message Alongside ‘The Last Champion’ Montage

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)

Cole Hauser demonstrates how we can all be champions throughout this tough holiday season with a montage of “The Last Champion.”

Cole recently posted the “The Last Champion” film montage to Instagram with its caption stating: “Let’s keep it rollin through the holidays!”

Hauser has described the film as “a story of faith, friendship, love, addiction, and redemption.”

Cole Hauser and “The Last Champion”

“The Last Champion” is an inspirational sports drama, seeking to highlight the power of community, love, and forgiveness, the film’s stars add

Although the film can be viewed as a seemingly wrestling-based story, the hard times during COVID-19 have changed the way the cast is beginning to interpret the message. They are now seeing it as an inspirational holiday movie.

Christmas Champions

“Our film is for any time of the year, but the story passes through the holiday season, and that factors into part of the narrative,” says Hallie Todd, the actress who plays the Wright’s wife. 

“This year, the holidays are going to look very different for everyone,” she adds. “For those who are alone, who have not had the best year because they’ve been sick, or they’ve lost their job or someone they love. I think people can find some solace in the themes of this film. And even if they can’t be with their loved ones to celebrate, this is a film that friends and families can enjoy together or apart.”

At the end of the movie, as Hauser finally finds contentment, joy, love, and acceptance from those he needed it the most, the story gives hope that next year, we may be able to find that same connection with those we’ve been separated from.

At a time when “we are all physically separated from each other,” and “hope and inspiration feel a little hard to come by,” actor Glenn Withrow says he hopes the film can provide people with a “two-hour respite where they can find encouragement and know that soon we’ll be able to be a community again.”