Colin Kaepernick Launching Initiative to Offer Free Autopsies for ‘Police-Related’ Deaths

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Netflix)

Anyone killed by a police officer can get a free independent autopsy care of Colin Kaepernick. The former 49ers quarterback launched an initiative to provide families of the dead with “accurate and forensically verifiable information.”

Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Initiative announced the move on Wednesday. The group will work with board-certified pathologists to conduct the investigations. They will provide their findings to the person who requested it. That could be anyone close to the deceased, including a spouse, partner, relative, close friend, or lawyer, NPR said.

“We know that the prison industrial complex, which includes police and policing, strives to protect and serve its interests at all costs,” Kaepernick told The Associated Press. “The Autopsy Initiative is one important step toward ensuring that family members have access to accurate and forensically verifiable information about the cause of death of their loved one in their time of need.”

Know Your Rights said the goal is to give families an accurate picture of what happened in a “police-related” death. Moreover, this will ensure that no one mishandled or manipulated the autopsy results.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, the pathology coordinator for the program, said experienced forensic pathologists will conduct the autopsies.

“I am extremely enthusiastic about this truly unique program,” Wecht said. “The opportunity to have unbiased second autopsies performed by independent, experienced forensic pathologists in police-related deaths will provide victims’ families with knowledge that the true facts of any such case have been thoroughly analyzed and prepared for appropriate utilization whenever deemed necessary.”

Ex-NFL Reporter: Colin Kaepernick Not Good Enough to Return

Late last year, Colin Kaepernick told Ebony that he still trains nearly every day for a return to the NFL.

“I am still up at 5 a.m. training five, six days a week making sure I’m prepared to take a team to a Super Bowl again,” he said.

But a former NFL reporter said that if Kaepernick was good enough to play in the NFL, a team would hire him.

“If they believed he could win them a Super Bowl, he would be on a team right now,” Michele Tafoya said on the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” recently. “I promise you that, I promise you that. … A lot of teams have tried him out, and he didn’t lose everything. In fact, I would say he’s gained a whole lot. He is now a leader of a movement. He’s got a Netflix series. He’s got Nike endorsements.”

It’s an argument that Colin Kaepernick’s detractors have made since he left the NFL. But he believes the league colluded to blackball him from the game because he kneeled during the national anthem. He subsequently sued the NFL alleging as much. The league settled that case in 2019.

“You can’t have everything your way in this life,” Tafoya continued. “You work your way around and through the obstacles. If he really, really wanted … to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, he’d be one right now, given that he had the talent. But he made some business decisions, and I think he knew what he was risking, and I think that there are legitimate complaints about race in the NFL and everywhere else in America, but that’s not why Colin Kaepernick is not in the NFL.”