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Conchata Ferrell Dead at 77, ‘Two and a Half Men’ Fans Are Heartbroken

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fans mourned the passing of Conchata Ferrell. The actress had over a 30-year career in movies and television, but perhaps her most famous role was as housekeeper Berta on the sitcom Two and a Half Men. Ferrell died from complications related to cardiac arrest, according to People. She was 77-years-old.

Recently, Ferrell developed numerous health problems that kept her in and out of the hospital. For instance, the actress had a heart attack five months ago. She spent more than a month recovering in an intensive care unit. Doctors treated Ferrell for the heart attack and subsequent cardiac arrest while in ICU. Afterward, the hospital transferred the actress to a long-term care facility.

Prior to the heart attack, Ferrell had developed a kidney infection in Dec. 2019, according to TMZ. The infection spread from her kidneys to her blood. Ferrell said she spent weeks in the ICU following the infection.

Fans mourned Conchata Ferrell on Twitter

Like her co-stars, fans took to social media to remember Ferrell and her assortment of characters. They posted tributes following her death. For instance, several people posted pictures of Ferrell’s character Berta from Two and a Half Men. One user wrote,”So sad that Conchata Ferrell has died. Enjoyed her character on Two and a Half Men. She was a West Virginia native.”

Another also wrote, “2020 continues to be awful. Conchata Ferrell’s passing is so sad. One of my favorite actresses. Her character in Two and a Half Men was perfect. Thoughts are with her family and friends.”

Berta wasn’t the only role fans remembered Ferrell for. One user posted a picture of Ferrell from the Johnny Depp film Edward Scissorhands. In the film, Ferrell played a nosy neighbor named Helen. “Remembering you with Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands,” the user also wrote.

Additionally, some celebrities were also fans of Ferrell’s work and mourned her passing. Director Mike Dougherty, who worked with Ferrell on Krampus, considered the actress to be an “under-appreciated acting legend.” Likewise, Viola Davis wrote a touching tribute to the late actress.