‘Cops’ Is Back with Brand New Episodes: How to Watch

by Jacklyn Krol

Cops has triumphantly returned to television!

Just fifteen months after it was canceled, the police docu-series has been picked up by a new network. Fox’s streaming service Fox Nation has acquired the rights to it. This includes fifteen episodes from Season 32 and thirty-three episodes from Season 33. The first four episodes will premiere on the platform on Friday, Oct. 1. From there, new episodes will premiere weekly.

“[Cops is] very acceptable to our audience who are cops and first responders and people from the military,” Fox News president Jason Klarman told the Los Angeles Times. “I think they are big fans of the show and they miss the show. Putting it on a streaming subscription service isn’t making it available to everyone but it will be there for the people who desire it the most.”

Fox Nation is an ad-free streaming service with three different tiers. The first tier includes the first month at 99 cents, then $5.99 monthly. The patriot is a yearly subscription for 12 months it is $64.99. Finally, the silver patriot is 2 years and costs $99.

Additionally, first responders and military are offered their first year free of charge. Fox News Media will donate $5 to Answer the Call for each new subscriber that signs up this week. Answer The Call is a charity that financially provides for families of first responders in New York City that have been killed in the line of duty.

The ‘Cops’ Cancellation and Differences Compared to The Original

Cops kicked off in 1989 on Fox. It was then canceled in 2013. Spike TV picked it up that same year and it was later changed to Paramount Network in 2018. In total, there are 1,100 episodes of the show.

Following the murder of George Floyd, people began to view police in a negative light. It wasn’t until the murder of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen, that things took a turn for the show. The civil rights advocacy group Color of Change requested that the network drop the show. Paramount took Cops off of its regular lineup and said that there would be no new episodes. However, last September the show resumed production in Washington. These new episodes were filmed for international territories who had agreements with the show and network.

When asked if there would be pushback, Klarman said that because it’s a subscription service, it isn’t as easy to watch.

“It’s not over the free airwaves,” Klarman told the outlet. “If you don’t like the show, don’t subscribe. ‘Cops’ shows cops working, and it’s an unvarnished look at that.”

“I can’t speak to a larger cultural movement that was happening at the time [of its cancellation],” he added. “I think the content stands on its own. It’s a very compelling show for people who are interested in following the lives of police officers.”

The show will have a new structure in terms of filming people. They will be “mindful of the racial makeup of suspects” on the show. Cops will also be vetting and reviewing offenders. Klarman said that they want to be representative of a population as a whole.