‘Cops’ Premiered This Week Ago in 1989: The Show’s Best Moments

by Will Shepard

On Thursday, March 11, 1989, a new show was airing on FOX. That show was called Cops, and it would quickly become one of the most-watched shows on television.

Everyone has their own favorite memories of the show. However, there are some moments that stand out from the rest of Cops. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show that took the world by storm 31 years ago today.

“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” That song might be the best intro music to a show ever.

There’s one moment from the show that stands out a little more than the rest. In this scene from Cops, an officer shows up to help out a disgruntled woman. As it turns out, the woman gave another woman twenty dollars for some crack cocaine. The catch, though, is that the woman doesn’t get her cocaine from the woman. Instead, she is given plaster. The ending of this clip, for those who don’t remember, is probably the best part.

Here Are Two More of the Best Moments From “Cops”

During a much later episode from 2007, Cops aired an episode called “Tough Takedowns Special Edition.” In the episode, a man with dwarfism, David, was arrested in Las Vegas for soliciting money. A week later, though, David is spotted waving down cars inebriated.

The arresting officer puts David into handcuffs, and then the comedy really ensues. David is certainly upset with his predicament and wants out immediately. So, he tells the officer that he can break the cuffs. When he tries, he only hurts himself. This clip went viral and has become a calling card for Cops.

While there are many hundreds of hilarious moments to choose from, lets pick just one more.

One of the more common occurrences on Cops comes with officers having to deal with drunk people. Roughly half of all the interactions on the show come with inebriated people. In this clip from the show, this guy is exceptionally drunk and operating his vehicle.

During this episode, Uber and Lyft were not around, but there were taxis available. Nonetheless, this guy is the epitome of irresponsible. There is really nothing comedic about driving under the influence, especially when something goes wrong. With that said, it is hard not to thoroughly enjoy this clip of a guy driving into a police car. His reaction to his idiocy is nothing short of hilarious.

There are plenty more clips from Cops to enjoy and distract yourself with. Again, these clips are just a few of some of the favorite moments of the show.