Could ‘CSI: Vegas’ Explore One Forgotten Storyline?

by Lauren Boisvert

As we gear up for “CSI: Vegas” season two, fans of the original series are wondering if the reboot is going to bring back one unexplained storyline. Sqweegel’s story is a strange and haunting one, and fans are desperate to see it concluded. The sinister character disappeared and was never caught; is now the perfect time to bring him back?

First, let’s talk about Sqweegel. The character comes as a reference to Black Sqweegel, from the sequel to “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker’s novel “Level 26: Dark Origins.” Black Sqweegel is a direct successor to White Sqweegel. Both characters wore latex bodysuits, one in black and the other in white.

On “CSI,” Sqweegel also wore the black latex bodysuit; he purchased it under the name Ian Moone, which is an anagram for I am no one. He’s no ordinary spooky serial killer, though. Sqweegel is a vigilante, and his victims are people who have victims themselves. Specifically, local heroes. He attacks them multiple times, terrorizing them, before finally killing them.

His first victim, Margot Wilton, was a philanthropist who did charity work with disabled children. She took part in the mercy killing of her sick son, but Sqweegel let her live for reasons that were never revealed. He always ambushes his victims, holds them at knifepoint and tells them to confess their crimes. If they don’t, then he comes back and fatally attacks.

He also attacked Carrie Jones, who had an affair while on the city’s Family Values committee, and Ryan Fink, a firefighter who set his own fires in order to come out a hero.

Sqweegel never left any forensic evidence, was meticulous and extremely flexible. He stalked his victims by living in their attics or even hiding under their beds while they slept.

Could ‘CSI: Vegas’ Be Bringing Back Sqweegel?

While “CSI: Vegas” showrunner Jason Tracey somewhat denies that the figure in the finale scene was Sqweegel, fans are still holding out hope that this truly disturbing storyline may get the ending it deserves. Tracey spoke to TV Line about Sqweegel, saying, “Actually… that may not be Sqweegel. That may just be black gloves. I’ll just leave it at that […] Everything is open to interpretation until it’s not.” 

True, the figure was wearing what seemed to be black latex gloves in the scene. It could be a full bodysuit hidden out of frame, or it could just be gloves. Additionally, Sqweegel never did anything with weird languages and runes, like in the scene where the figure is drawing symbols everywhere. That could be an indication that either Sqweegel has evolved, or it’s not Sqweegel.

I, for one, would love to see Sqweegel return. I believe it would be a seriously terrifying storyline, as it was when it aired. Maybe he’s changed his M.O. and returned, because a character like that doesn’t just stop killing. Sqweegel has arc potential, and I think the writers would be remiss in dismissing the idea.