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Could Ted Nugent Run for Elected Office as His ‘Next Gig?’

by Atlanta Northcutt
Photo credit: Randy Snyder/Getty Images

Ted Nugent, a musician, who is now best known for his unwavering support of Donald Trump and disgust towards the Democratic party, is hesitant on becoming an elected official.

Ted Nugent appeared on America This Week with Eric Bolling during the “United We Stand” segment.

Ted Nugent: Running for Elected Office?

During the interview Bolling asked Nugent if he would run for office if requested.

“You know my responsibility is “we the people,” Eric. You’ve seen me exercise that with much aplomb over the years because I know those elected employees are not elected officials. We are the electing officials. They are the elected employees,” Nugent responds.

Bolling brings up Ted being a rocker, his love of hunting, and Nugent previously being a police officer. Will he now run for office as his next gig?

Nugent didn’t answer the question. Instead, he went on a tirade regarding the state of the country now.

“We are a defiant nation. We are a defiant species, and that’s why right now what’s going on in this country with the glaring criminality and abuse of power and the Marxism,” exclaims Nugent. “I mean, come on! The Democrats are now promoting Marxism and it’s just indecent. When you spend time with heroes of military and law enforcement, and as a cop myself for almost 40 years, I take that oath to the constitution. Those words mean something to us so I’m very angry at the criminality of our government right now.”

Nugent on the ‘National Anthem’

Bolling asks him how Ted how he feels when he sees people kneeling during the “National Anthem.” The song is one Nugent has consistently played at Trump rallies and concerts.

“You see them kneeling when that song was being played, and you see them disrespecting the flag,” says Bolling. “What does that do to Ted Nugent.”

“It makes me identify those people as being real soulless and really stupid. They don’t even know what they’re doing. They claim that somebody’s hands were up and got shot. That’s a lie,” Nugent says. “I know the situation. I’ve studied the situation. Nobody’s hands were up, and nobody got shot. That whole protest is based on a lie. They can’t be that stupid. They know it’s a lie, and they are liars. When you see someone disrespecting the flag, they don’t deserve any respect themselves. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

What’s to Come in the Future?

When it comes to the current state of the country, Nugent is very vocal about his displeasure.

“There’s only one experiment self-government, there’s only one constitution, there’s only one Bill of Rights, there’s only one Declaration of Independence and individual rights from God that are documented by our founding fathers in these sacred documents,” he says.

However, he is hopeful the nation will take a different turn.

“More and more Americans are waking up, and getting out of the self-inflicted curse of apathy,” he says. “We’re demanding constitutional accountability. We see the fraud, we see the deceit, we see the outright criminality from the left, and I think the conservative families of America are demanding God, family, country, and law and order. We are now waking up. The giant is waking up, and we’re going to demand accountability. I see it coming.”