Could Tim Allen’s ‘Home Improvement’ Return to TV, 20 Years After Final Episode?

by Joe Rutland

With Tim Allen wrapping up “Last Man Standing,” questions are swirling around whether “Home Improvement” would return to TV.

People still hold a soft spot for Allen’s Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor character and the show’s cast. Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Zachary Ty Bryan, and others are still around.

But Allen has pretty much ruled out a return of the sitcom in its half-hour format since the death of Earl Hindman, who played his neighbor Wilson.

“Home Improvement” followed the antics of the Taylor family. Allen played Tim Taylor, who was the star of a home improvement show called “Tool Time.” Karn played his sidekick Al and also starred Pamela Anderson playing the “Tool Time Girl” for a couple of seasons.

‘Home Improvement’ Was Big Hit In 1990s For ABC

“Home Improvement” was one of ABC’s most popular sitcoms in the 1990s, consistently showing up in the Top 10-20 shows each season it was on the air.

In an interview in 2018, Allen said, “It would be very easy to reboot that family because the boys live in town. They have children. Patricia (Richardson) and I have houses. But it gets a little creepy if you do it at the same time as I have another wife on another show. The timing is not good right now.”

Yet in 2020, Allen’s perspective changed a little bit. He might consider doing a one-hour movie instead of reviving the series itself, he told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Allen added that he liked the idea of catching up with Taylor’s sons and see what “Tool Time” would look like in the 21st Century.

Tim Allen Reveals What Hot Rod Builds Taught Him

Tim Allen isn’t just Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. He’s also a car guy, but it’s hard to expect anything less from the man that grew up in Detroit, “The Motor City.”

In a YouTube series called “The Vik” on Allen’s channel, he talks about building hot rods and what he’s learned along the way.

“When GM builds it, boom. They plop that thing … I think we had that thing done in almost 11 months,” Allen said. He’s referencing the fact that General Motors has a quick turnaround time on building cars. It’s something that major car companies have perfected over time, unlike Allen the hot rod collector and builder.

Allen said, “This is what I’ve learned by hot rodders, there are things called car companies and give them a lot of credit because that’s what they build is cars.”

Allen goes on to address how car companies start the build of a car. They build a prototype that they test for about a year to work out all the kinks. Then they mass produce the final product for consumers to buy.

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