Could Tom Brady Eventually Own an NFL Team?

by Courtney Blackann

He’s left it all on the field and we’ve heard him say “there is nothing after football” following his retirement announcement. However, could the next steps for the legendary Tom Brady be owning his own NFL team? If it seems like a stretch, we’re here to break down the details.

According to NBC Sports Pro Football Talk, it would be a smart – and strategic – career move to consider. Not that he and his wife Gisele Bundchen need to add NFL team-owners to their long list of accomplishments. The pair have separately built a net worth that ensures the success of their families for at least a few generations.

However, Brady isn’t just another rich sporto who’s likely to hang up his cleats and retire to a white sand beach with a beer in hand for the rest of his days. He’s smart, driven and competitive. All things that lead to seven Super Bowl championships. And he knows the game perhaps better than anyone else.

So it would seem like a natural next step for the iconic quarterback to take. Though he may not have the funds to buy 30 percent of an NFL team (or maybe he does), it’s likely that through his other business endeavors he could eventually own a controlling share of one of the teams.

Further, with his knowledge of the game coupled with his drive, Brady’s potential team could find themselves in Super Bowl championships year after year under his leadership. You can hate Brady all you want – but the guy has proven himself time and time again. If there’s anyone who’s figured out a strategy to winning, it’s Brady.

Tom Brady Fans React to Idea

Fans of the idea had some interesting things to say about this idea as well.

One person writes in response to NBC’s article that, “Guarantee that if Brady buys a team they win a SB within 5 years of ownership.” Several people also echoed this notion.

But at least one person brought up the idea that it wasn’t such a great idea. The person had this to say:

Tom Brady would make a terrible owner for the same reasons he made a great player. That competitiveness and willingness to have your hands in all aspects of the pie just doesn’t work at the ownership level. Jerry Jones tried it, and failed at it and is still failing at it. Look at the NFL franchise that has been the model franchise over the last two decade, The Patriots. Robert Kraft and his son let the team run outside of the direct day-to-day involvement with on-field decisions. If Tom Brady really wants to further enhance his legacy, he should look at becoming a head coach where his knowledge of the game and hands-on decisions will have a greater impact.”

The person makes an interesting point. Yet Brady’s detailed knowledge of the game could also make him useful where other owners aren’t. And aside from being competitive, Brady is in fact strategic. It would definitely be a different ball game, but his strategy could shift to fit the arena he’d be stepping into.

Brady himself hasn’t made any comments about the idea. He is newly retired and deserves some time with his family. But wait and see awhile. It could happen sooner than you might think.