Country Throwback: Elvis Presley Said of His Fans ‘Without Em, I’d Be Lost’

by Madison Miller
(Original Caption) 3/24/58-North Little Rock, Arkansas: Elvis Presley laughs after an unidentiifed fan asked him "to autograph me," because "I don't have any pencil and paper." Presley, who had stopped here March 24th with 21 other draftees for a coffee break, told her he was sorry, but he couldn't accomodate her.

There can’t be a king without some loyal followers.

Elvis Presley, or ‘The King” of rock ‘n’ roll, was beloved by his fans. The feeling was definitely mutual.

In a recent post from the deceased stars’ estate Instagram account, an old quote was shared with fans.

“Without ’em, I’d be lost.”

Elvis Presley and Devotion to Fans

Even now, Presley’s relationship with fans is continuing to blossom. With old fans from the ’50s to new generations of lovers of Elvis, there are still ways to connect with the legacy of the artist.

For example, Elvis Presley Enterprises continues to have relationships with fans clubs that are both old and new. Fans can actually have their club be officially registered by the Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Also, according to the Graceland website, tours of the deceased artist’s home are still going on. Since it opened in 1982, Graceland has hosted more than 20 million visitors from every state and all over the world. It is the second most popular house to visit in America, right behind The White House.

Besides the mansion Elvis retreated to, Graceland has a lot more to offer. There is the Elvis The Entertainer Career Museum, Presley Motors Automobile Museum, Elvis Discovery Exhibits, his airplanes, shopping, dining, and many other experiences.

There is even a special Christmas offer in which you can experience what the holidays would have been like at the estate. It was voted the best holiday historic home tour in 2019.

A Fan of the Ladies

Besides having millions of fans even past his death in 1977, he was also especially loved by the ladies.

With his charming voice, handsome face, and provocative dance moves, Presley had become an almost-scandalous sex-symbol from the ’50s to the ’60s.

According to USA Today, Presley had only married one woman in his life. He married Priscilla Beaulieu after pursuing her for nearly eight years. They met while he was in the army and married in 1967. In her 1985 memoir, “Elvis and Me,” she revealed that Presley began to lack sexual interest in her after she became a mother. She had an affair with a karate instructor.

Presley also dated Ann-Margaret, who he starred in “Viva Las Vegas” with him in 1964. The two made a lasting impression on each other.

Presley may have dated Natalie Wood, although some claim it was a publicity stunt. Anita Wood is the first woman he dated in the public eye. They dated for years and she moved to Memphis with him and became close to his family.

Someone like Elvis lived in the spotlight his whole adult life. It probably didn’t help that he was a rock star, a movie star, and an overall excellent entertainer, bringing him more and more fans to examine his personal life.

But, it appears Presley loved the attention.