Country Throwback: George Strait Takes Swipe at Country Radio in 2016 Hit ‘Kicked Outta Country’

by Atlanta Northcutt

George Strait isn’t known to be someone who speaks out against most topics. However, like a true cowboy, when he sees something he loves being treated badly, you better believe he’s going to express his feelings. In this case, it’s taking a stand against the country music radio stations.

If anyone has the right to express their concerns about the country genre, it’s George Strait. Before most of these new country stars were even born, he’s been in the industry. Therefore it’s obvious he is highly passionate about keeping a true country sound in the music he loves.

George Strait Sends a Message to Radio Stations

On November 8, 2016, he releases an album of past hits, along with two new singles. One of those singles is titled “Kicked Outta Country.”

Strait sings about believing the radio stations have given him and the original country sound the boot since they don’t play that much of the classics anymore.

Behind “Kicked Outta Country”

Strait co-wrote “Kicked Outta Country” with longtime singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson. The artists write about feeling like their music is being forgotten on the airwaves. The two expressed their unhappiness towards the radio stations forgetting the original country artists. The title is a perfect fit.

The song talks about country legends not having their beloved hits play on the radio anymore. The pair aren’t the only ones who they believe have been shunned. Names like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and can be heard in the lyrics. The opening lines are truly raw, emotional, and honest as it holds nothing back.

“I just got the news today, the record I sent them they threw it away/ it don’t fit the format, it don’t make the list/ They said I’m too old, won’t even be missed.

– “Kicked Outta Country”

During an interview with CMT, he recalls the story of him and Johnson writing the song. Strait expresses the main message behind the song, although it’s not hard to figure out.

“He [Jamey Johnson] said, ‘I’m gonna pitch you some songs.’ I said, ‘Sure, I’d love to hear them, but they probably won’t play them on the radio anymore. He says ‘Yeah, you know they kicked me out of country too.’ I got to thinking about that the next day, and I texted him either I’m gonna write that, you’re gonna write that, or we’re both going to write it together. So we started texting each other ideas and ended up writing a song.”

The ending lyrics gives all of us country music fans hope. The last lines tell the radio stations and whoever else might not like the classics that the veteran musicians aren’t going to change. They will continue being authentic country.