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Country Throwback: Listen to Hank Williams Sr. and Wife Audrey Speak in 1950 Alabama Interview

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

In March 1950, Hank Williams Sr. and his wife, Audrey Williams, a blossoming musician, were interviewed in Alabama by DJ Bob McKinnon.

The old, gravely recording of Hank Williams Sr. and Audrey speaking and performing music almost takes listeners back in time.

Alabama Ambassadors

During the interview in Alabama, Hank Sr. said of he and his wife, “We’re both from Alabama, and are partial to the folks in Alabama.”

“We stay in pretty close contact with Alabama, and we want to thank everyone for playing our tunes,” says Hank. “When you’re requesting these tunes, we really appreciate it. And everytime you buy one of these records just remember it’s not that I need it so bad, but the people I owe money to need it bad.”

Hank Williams Sr. and Wife Audrey Williams

Williams Sr. and his wife traveled together, and she is said to have helped manage her husband’s career and inspired many of his hit songs. Audrey was behind the scenes, having Hank move to Montgomery with her to start a band together. She wanted Hank to begin performing on the radio and gave him the push to do so. 

During the interview, Hank discussed going on tour overseas, reaching Berlin, Vienna, and more. He follows by telling McKinnon about an upcoming trip to Alaska.

“By the way, on the 19th, me and the boys are going to Alaska to see all of those boys up there,” says Hank. “Gonna go up and fix them a few tunes if we can get thawed out enough.”

The two spoke about new music, touring, performing and discussed Audrey beginning to make records on her own.

“Audrey’s going to make a record for you shortly,” says Hank.

When McKinnon questions if he’s seen her record or not, Hank laughs and say, “Well, she hasn’t made them yet.

“Well, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen them yet”, McKinnon jokingly replies.

‘Long Gone Lonesome Blues’

Hank goes on to talk about his song “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”, and says “I don’t know what’s coming up next. Everyone knows before I do.”

“You’re the #1 friendliest and #1 hillbilly artist today,” says DJ Bob McKinnon during the interview. “It’s a pleasure to play your records because you are such a nice guy and because your records are so good.”