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Country Throwback: Shania Twain Smashes ‘Up!’ Performance in 2003 Chicago Concert

by Atlanta Northcutt
Photo credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

Shania Twain shook things “Up!” during her 2003 performance in Chicago.

Watch this country throwback to see Shania’s live performance of “Up!” at Grant Park’s Hutchinson Field.

“Up, up, up, can only go up from here/ Up, up, up, up where the clouds gonna clear/ Up, up, up, there’s no way but up from here.”

If those lyrics don’t make you feel like things are looking up, then you’ve missed the point of Shania’s hit song.

A Perfect Proposal During a Perfect Performance

During the July 2003 concert, one couple definitely understood the meaning of the song and created their own “up” moment with a little help from Twain.

After singing three songs, including “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”, “Up!”, and “Honey, I’m Home,” the four-time Grammy winner introduced Chicago native James Hundt, who proposed to his girlfriend Anneliesa Hahn.

Hundt gave a lengthy, yet loving introduction about Hahn. Anneliesa appeared to be in shock and didn’t answer right away until Twain gave her a little encouragement. With a huge smile, Anneliesa ran to him, giving a long and tight hug to her new fiancee, as she responded, “Absolutely.”

‘Shania Twain: Up! Live in Chicago.’

The concert was one to remember. Her greatest hits were performed, and a fireworks display lit up the skies over the field. Shania also played a part in a very special marriage proposal during the concert.

According to NBC officials, “just over 50,000” people were in attendance at the free concert. In August 2001, British rockers Radiohead were the first to play the venue, which is usually used for softball games. More than 25,000 people paid to see the famed Radiohead perform.

Twain’s show was much more crowded due to the fact it was free and the concert was being taped. The two-hour NBC production is called “Shania Twain: Up! Live in Chicago.” According to concert officials, 30,000 people had arrived by 2 p.m. Fans began forming a line as early as 10 a.m.

“Thank you so much, Chicago! I tell you what, it’s been great to be here in the city of Sammy Sosa,” Twain said.