‘Criminal Minds’: Could We See Aaron Hotchner in Paramount+ Revival?

by Lauren Boisvert

With news of Paramount’s new “Criminal Minds” revival, fans are wondering just how much of the old cast are we going to see? So far, Joe Mantegna, Adam Rodriguez, Aisha Tyler, Kirsten Vangsness, A. J. Cook, and Paget Brewster have agreed to return. Though, their contracts have not been finalized as of yet. Currently, it’s all up to availability.

Shemar Moore is settled in on CBS’ “SWAT,” so it’s unlikely he’ll have time for “Criminal Minds.” Likewise, Matthew Gray Gubler is busy taking on numerous film roles. He may not want to step away to reprise his role as Spencer Reid.

There is one face we’d like to see, though, that is very much up in the air. Thomas Gibson played Aaron Hotchner for 12 seasons before his sudden departure from the show, citing an altercation with a staff writer. Due to the nature of his departure, it’s unlikely fans will see Gibson being invited back for the revival. Unless he can prove that he’s addressed his issues and improved, it’s likely he won’t return. If he’s even interested in returning, that is.

The show continued on without Hotchner for three seasons. It would be nice to see him on “Criminal Minds” again, but the likelihood he will return is likely very low. But, the show may surprise us in the end. It was always good at doing that, after all.

‘Criminal Minds’: Paget Brewster Joins Hilary Duff’s Spin-Off

“Criminal Minds” star Paget Brewster is joining Hilary Duff on her spin-off sequel “How I Met Your Father” for one episode. Brewster is set to play Duff’s mother for the episode “The Good Mom.”

Currently, there have been mentions of Duff’s character Sophie’s mother, but we haven’t seen her yet. Apparently, she was a wild child and a party animal, who hooked up with one guy after another. Because of her mother’s promiscuous ways, Sophie doesn’t know who her father is. Instead of being her mother’s child, she grew up thinking she was her mother’s younger sister.

For those watching the “How I Met Your Mother” sequel, Sophie and her mother’s dynamic will most likely prove to be interesting, if not strained. Has her mother finally grown up and settled after her wild youth? Is their relationship at all healthy?

It’ll also be fun to see Paget Brewster in a comedic role again. She previously played Joey and Chandler’s girlfriend on “Friends,” and later on “Community” as Debra Chambers and Frankie Dart. She definitely has experience in comedy, but were so used to seeing her as Special Agent Emily Prentiss. Luckily, she’ll be coming back to that role soon.