‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Debate Most Confusing Episodes of the Show

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

It was one of CBS’s popular crime dramas for over fifteen years. Captivating fans with some of the most sensational storylines on television, the hit procedural crime drama Criminal Minds explored the minds of criminals via the expert techniques of the FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit.

Each episode of the popular series investigates not only a crime, but it delves into the psyche of the “unsub”.

Of course, this unique plotline leads to some pretty complicated storylines. And, because of this, some Criminal Minds episodes are a lot easier to understand than others.

Some of the villains the Criminal Minds BAU agents track down “one-off” characters. These are characters who are captured within one or two episodes.

However, the Criminal Minds sometimes find themselves haunted by some twisted villains. Criminals that take the experts into some deep, multiple-episodes-long investigations.

Recently, some fans of the hugely popular CBS series took to Reddit to ask a question, what are the most confusing episodes during Criminal Minds‘ successful run?

‘Criminal Minds’ Investigate Some Confusing Storylines

Many fans of the popular series responded to the question with a variety of answers. However, there is one episode, in particular, that seems to stick out the most when it comes to confusing storylines.

This episode? Season one’s episode number twenty-one.

One Redditor, ProfessionalStorm694, wrote that this episode which is titled Secrets and Lies is the most confusing of the series.

This answer ended up becoming the most upvoted response in the thread. This, of course, suggests that many other Criminal Minds fans feel the same.

In Secrets and Lies, the Criminal Minds BAU team investigates a murder that eventually leads them to a mole that has infiltrated the CIA. However, this mole’s exact role in the storyline as a whole confused some of the episode’s viewers.

One Redditor, sammysummer, tried to explain the episode as they understood some of the episode’s most confusing plot points.

Each Episode Has A Lot Going On!

According to the commenter, the Secrets and Lies the mole “had sold out his country and was colluding with the terrorist.” The Redditor goes on to say that the mole is doing this solely for financial gain.

Sammysummer goes on to explain that the Criminal Minds BAU team investigate the murder of one of the mole’s CIA coworkers. The investigation that follows eventually leads the team to track down the mole.

Other Criminal Minds episodes that confused viewers include another season one episode, Poison, and season nine’s Blood Relations.

Criminal Minds fans also found a two-episode arc in season nine to be a little confounding. The first of these episodes is titled Angels and the second episode is titled Demons. The two-part mystery involves a lot to keep track of, including a massive conspiracy involving a church and a preacher who has been framed for murder.