‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Think One Villain Came Off More as Cheesy Than Chilling

by Lauren Boisvert

Sometimes, even on “Criminal Minds,” the villains just don’t work. That’s what happened beginning in the season 10 episode “Mr. Scratch” with the titular Mr. Scratch. Fans found him downright comical.

Peter Lewis was a serial killer, hacker, and stalker who went by the name Mr. Scratch. When he was a teenager, his father was accused of child abuse and endangerment by a core member of the Believe the Children movement, psychologist Susannah Regan. The family boarding house was shut down, and his father was killed in prison.

Later, the BAU debunked Regan’s work, and Peter realized that his father was wrongly accused, and died for nothing. He then began searching out all those who were involved in accusing his father, bent on revenge.

Peter forced his victims to hallucinate and kill their families, and eventually gets into Hotch’s head by drugging him. He attempts to get Hotch to kill his teammates, but Hotch overcomes the hallucinations and tries to kill Peter instead. Peter is captured, but still taunting Hotch as he’s being driven away.

In a Reddit thread titled “What’s up with Mr scratch,” fans came together to discuss the “Criminal Minds” villain. “I know I’m supposed to be mad at him for what he does but I can’t stop laughing at how super villain’sh [sic] he is,” wrote the original poster. “It feels like he spends every waking moment thinking about a new way to hurt the bau its insane […] I just wanna tell him to go home he’s doing too much.”

Most fans agreed with the post. “His first episode is probably one of my favorites in the whole series,” one fan wrote, “but they really did not need to turn him into a supervillain.”

‘Criminal Minds’: Fans Discuss Mr. Scratch

“They really jumped the shark with the Scratch storyline, IMHO,” another fan wrote. “It was all just so much, it veered into comic book territory for me. I couldn’t get into it.”

Another fan commented, “I loved Mr. Scratch’s first episode, but man did he turn into a comic book villain by the end. The episode with Tara’s brother was just so outlandish. I loved it though, so long as I stopped trying to look at Criminal Minds as anything even close to reality.”

By the “Criminal Minds” episode “Mirror Image,” Peter has already appeared in three other episodes, including Hotch’s last. “Mirror Image” has to do with Dr. Tara Lewis’ brother Gabriel, whom Peter kidnaps. He has another person, Desmond, kidnapped as well, and makes Desmond believe that he is Gabriel. It’s a convoluted episode involving the Gospel of Luke and a room rigged with a nail gun that fires nails from the ceiling.

Fans agree that “Mirror Image” is one of the more absurd episodes in the Mr. Scratch arc. But, it seems like a lot of people actually liked that fact that Mr. Scratch did the absolute most. He wasn’t a scary villain, but he was fun, apparently.