‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s What Matthew Gray Gubler Misses Most About the Show

by Anna Dunn

Here’s one thing Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler misses about the show.

Gubler, who played genius profiler Spencer Reid, says he misses the behavioral unit’s private jet. He said this in a TV Line interview conducted in 2020 following the end of the show.

“Most of all, I’m going to miss the breakfast burritos. We had the best chef on planet Earth, and I’ll miss him. [Laughs] No, I joke,” he joked. Of course, he had to mention the show’s talented cast and crew as well.

“I’ll miss the people, of course. I’ll miss the crew, and the cast, and everybody. But luckily I talk to them — probably more now that the show is over,” he admitted. The cast fluctuated over the 15 seasons the show remained on the air. But one component of the cast always remained the same: Matthew Gray Gubler’s phenomenal portrayal of Spencer Reid.

“I’ll also miss being on the jet. The jet was always this magical place, a small set where we all just kind of felt like we were at a sleepover and telling stories.  Every day felt like a family reunion holiday, and I’m so happy I got to do that for so many years,” he continued.

Gubler also directed a ton of episodes over the years, and some of his best memories and most proud moments are from his work on Criminal Minds as a director.

Will Gubler Be in The ‘Criminal Minds’ Revival?

So Gubler seems to have loved his time on the show. Now that Criminal Minds is getting revived as a Paramount+ series, will Gubler return?

We don’t know.

A lot of fans can’t even imagine what Criminal Minds would be like without Matthew Gray Gubler at the helm. Reid seems inextricably tied to Criminal Minds in a way that’s different than other procedurals and their leads.

Fans also liked how Criminal Minds ended, with Reid realizing that he needs to take care of himself and leave the unit. That being said, there are plenty of ways to write him back into the show that fans would prefer over him being out of the show altogether.

For instance, the writers could explain that Gubler got bored of normal life, and have him need to return to the force. Maybe there’s a case that’s so difficult to tackle that he’s reeled back in. Whatever the reason is, most people agree that he’s needed.

Hopefully, we’ll find out whether or not Matthew Gray Gubler will be in the Paramount + revival soon.