‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Daniel Henney Since the Series Ended

by Jacklyn Krol

What has Daniel Henney been involved in since the ending of Criminal Minds?

Most recently, he appeared in the TV movie Occult as Agent Thompson. However, his full time role is in the new Amazon Prime series, The Wheel of Time. He portrays Lan Mandragoran. The show is set in a fantasy world filled with magic, but only some have access to its powers.

This is based on the fantasy book series authored by Robert Jordan. The series is so popular that it was picked up for two more seasons. The second season was picked up before it even aired.

“It’s a strange feeling,” he told Collider of its success. “It’s coming in waves. I don’t have any children, but maybe it feels like having a child and watching them grow to a certain extent, and now letting them go to their first day of school. We’re very protective of it. We feel like we’ve been in a vacuum for awhile and now it’s slowly starting to get out.”

He added that he and the crew are so proud of how it all turned out and couldn’t wait for the fan reactions, which has been extremely positive.

His new full-time venture may conflict with the Criminal Minds reboot. He along with Matthew Gray Gubler have not signed on to Season 16 Paramount Plus revival.

Daniel on Joining ‘Criminal Minds’

Daniel Henney first joined the Criminal Minds universe on Beyond Borders. Once the spinoff was canceled, he was moved to the flagship show.

“Simmons is a very interesting character,” he told Asia Pacific Arts. “When I look at him, he’s a family man. Which I think is gonna be great for the BAU. He’s very much in love with his wife. He has 4 beautiful children. He does everything for his family. He’s an all-American guy, a guy’s guy. And I think that’s really gonna be good for the team.”

Matt Simmons is really grounded and dependable. He’s always there to help his co-workers and be there for his wife and children. This wasn’t seen nearly as much before his entrance into the show.

“He’s a shoulder to cry on for Kirsten’s character, Garcia. And I think that’s gonna be nice for the viewers to see, they can really depend on Simmons, he’s a very strong character and he’s gonna add another very strong leg for the team to stand on,” he added.

He can relate to his character as they are both from Michigan. Henney was exposed to the military growing up as his father was in the Navy during Vietnam.

“So when I was getting ready to play Matt, I spent some time talking to my father,” he revealed. “Just about his mentality, his train of thought, in certain situations. His stoicism, just the way he approaches different situations in life. I don’t have a family myself personally. But I’m head over heels in love with my Golden Retriever. So I try to apply that to my children as Matt. So definitely more similarities than differences.”