‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Joe Mantegna Since the Series Ended

by Jacklyn Krol

What has Joe Mantegna been up to since Criminal Minds ended?

The David Rossi actor has been busy with television work. Firstly, he appeared in the 2020 film, Rolling Thunder. The comedy followed a millennial director named Benny who is dealing with countless issues and problems while trying to film his big-budget short film.

Mantegna is no stranger to voice over work. He appeared on The Simpsons between 1991 and 2021 in a total of 37 episodes. He voiced the characters of Gordus Antonius along with Fat Tony and later Fit Tony.

Most recently, he appeared as Lou in the Amazon Prime original As We See It. The series follows three young adults who are on the autism spectrum as they navigate life. Mantegna portrays the father of Jack, who is attempting to hold onto a job. This project is important to him as he has an adult daughter who is also on the spectrum. It became a passion project for him.

“Well, the “Criminal Minds” experience was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it,” he told Looper. “I was happy to do 13 years of it, but I wasn’t really quite sure what the future held for me. I’m not a planner in that way. Usually, doors open and hopefully I can walk through them, depending on the door. It wasn’t long after the show had ended when my agent started sending me different things. They sent me a pilot script for “As We See It,” and when I read it, all I can relate it to is it reminded me of when I first read the script for “Searching for Bobby Fischer,” which, when I read that script many years ago, I thought, unless I’m crazy, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read as an actor, in terms of material.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Longevity

Criminal Minds is one of the longer-running television shows of our time.

In an interview with Assignment X, Mantegna discussed its longevity and his original thought of how long it would go on for.

“I don’t know, but I just hoped it was going to last long enough for me to stick around for a while,” he began. “I guess I got my wish. This is a funny business. I’ve been in projects that I’ve thought were the greatest thing in the world that had short life.”

Some things also wound up being hugely successful, but the success of this series is rare and unprecedented.

“If everybody could guess a hundred percent in this business, everything would be a hit. That’s not the case. There are so many factors involved, chemistry and everything else. So you do what you do and you hope for the best, and you put it out there, and if you’re lucky, as we are with Criminal Minds where everything seems to click and people respond.”