‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Kirsten Vangsness Since the Series Ended

by Jacklyn Krol

After Criminal Minds concluded, Kirsten Vangsness only had one acting role.

The Penelope Garcia actress appeared as the narrator in the 2020 short entitled Curtains. Aside from the role, she has been active on social media to show fans what she has been up to. She has been frequently helping nonprofits and charities. In addition to her humanitarian work, she also put on a few stage shows and live streams.

Vangsness told Parade about her other theatrical project that she was concluding right after the finale of the series aired.

“I’m writing a play that I’m just finishing right now and I’m going to put up in L.A. in about a month or so. Then I just made an animated short that I’ve submitted to all of the festivals. I wrote and directed an animated short based on a short story that I made. I’ve been doing a lot of playwriting, and I just came back from Scotland with some plays that I had written,” she revealed.

‘Criminal Minds’ Finale and TV Family

Criminal Minds viewers will recall that Garcia ended up leaving the BAU, to the shock of most loyal fans. When asked if she believed that the majority of fans liked her character’s send off, she wasn’t too sure.

“I don’t know if like is the word,” she admitted. “I think satisfied, yeah. I think that the way it ends is the way that this show goes this season. For me, as a person who loves these characters and loves what we’ve created, I feel like it’s very correct and makes sense and is in alignment to how things shaped out.”

Unsurprisingly, being around the same cast every day for fifteen years, you grow attached. They still keep in touch in person and virtually.

“We see each other,” Vangsness said of her fellow former co-stars. “I’ve seen them all at least three or four times since we wrapped. I just saw Paget [Brewster] this weekend, I saw Aisha [Tyler] this weekend, and I saw A.J. last week, and I saw Joe last week. But everybody’s had this moment where you’re like, ‘It’s done?’ It’s weird. It’s really weird.”

She revealed that they have an email chain and a group chat via text message with the Criminal Minds main cast.

“I pretty much know if I pick up my phone and it says I have 46 text messages that that means that somebody in our group texted one,” she said. “And then it just turns into this stream of back and forth and back and forth. When you have eight people on a text chain, it goes bananas real fast.”