‘Criminal Minds’: Matthew Gray Gubler Directed a Surprising Number of Episodes

by Megan Molseed

Criminal Minds fans know that BAU agent Spencer Reid and his genius mind are some of the coolest things about the hit criminal investigative drama series. The FBI Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) agent is a genius, we all know this. But, would you be surprised if we told you that actor Matthew Gray Gubler, the man behind Spencer Reid, is also the mind behind some of our favorite episodes of the hit criminal investigation series? Well, he is. In fact, the longtime series star directed a surprising number of Criminal Minds episodes!

During its successful run on CBS, Criminal Minds celebrated a fifteen-season run. With a total of 323 episodes over the years. The popular crime-solving procedural drama often ranked among the most-watched shows in primetime. Criminal Minds is also very well-known for its penchant for featuring some storylines following some twisted and disturbing bad guys. With the BAU team spending each episode delving deep into the minds of these terrifying villains.

‘Criminal Minds’ Brings Us Some of the Creepiest Villians on Television

So, how many of these Criminal Minds storylines were born in the mind of one of Matthew Gray Gubler; the man we all know as one the actor behind one of our most beloved characters on the series? In total, the fan-favorite Criminal Minds star directed twelve episodes of the hit CBS series. Some of these episodes have even made their way onto the “best of the best” lists of favorite episodes.

Among these shows directed by Gubler is an episode that started it all, season five’s Mosely Lane. This episode features guest stars Beth Grant, Toby Huss, and Evan Peters. Gubler’s directing resume also created one of the show’s most prolific Criminal Minds villains, Bodie Elfman’s Peter Lewis who was first introduced in the season ten episode, Mr. Scratch. Matthew Gray Gubler also directed the season fourteen favorite, Tall Man.

Gubler Has Extensive Knowledge of the Directing Trade

While he is the mind behind some of our favorite Criminal Minds episodes, Gublers turn behind the camera started well before he took on the role of Spencer Reid. The crime-drama star has directed short films as well as a variety of music videos, for some popular bands such as The Killers.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s first run at directing was the same gig that led the star towards acting. In the 2004 film, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Gubler pays an intern to some of the Team Zissou members. He also served as a real-life intern for the film’s director Wes Anderson. This led to Gubler’s early project a documentary following the development of the 2004 film which stars some big names such as Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Angelica Houston.