‘Criminal Minds’: One Brutal Case Stuck With Fans Long Afterward

by Lauren Boisvert

“Criminal Minds” is a favorite for people who want something a little grittier than your usual “NCIS” or “Law & Order” fare. It’s darker, and some episodes stick with its fans long after they’ve aired. This was the case with one season 2 episode, “North Mammon.”

In the episode, a man kidnaps three teenage girls. He locks them in a cellar, and makes them decide which one of them is going to die. The BAU isn’t able to save the victim before she dies, and the two remaining girls are scarred for life. There are so many elements in this episode that come together to create something truly devastating to watch. Especially when the girls bicker over who has to die.

Fans on Reddit gathered to discuss the most brutal episodes of “Criminal Minds,” and “North Mammon” was definitely on a lot of lists. In another tread discussing creepy episodes, fans wrote about the impact of “North Mammon.”

“It really messed with me thinking about having to kill my best friend or her kill me for someone to survive,” one fan wrote. Another replied, “It really messed me up too. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how the sick girl felt when she overheard one of her friends was thinking of killing her because she was the weak one. Even the ending creeped me out with the unsub just sitting there in the storm cellar with the body of the dead girl. He was totally remorseless and even proud that he proved his point.”

Yet another thread about disturbing episodes mentioned “North Mammon.” Another fan wrote, “The way the unsub celebrated the crime being committed w/ his dialogue (‘I never touched them’) and body language (holding his hands up as if he was the second coming of Christ) was so sickening.”

‘Criminal Minds’: One Time Hotch Took Things Too Far

Another devastating moment on “Criminal Minds” came at the hands of the Reaper from seasons 4 and 5. The Reaper was a huge villain for those seasons. He was a serial killer who started in Boston but made a covert deal with the FBI that stopped his killing. When the agent responsible for the deal died, the Reaper went back to killing.

In season 5, he kidnaps Hotch and tortures him, eventually dropping him off at a hospital for his teammates to find. He later targets Hotch’s ex-wife and son, calling Haley and posing as a U.S. Marshal, telling her she’s in danger. The Reaper kills Haley while she’s on the phone with Hotch, and things get messy once Hotch gets there.

He shoots the Reaper, but he’s wearing a Kevlar vest and is unharmed. Hotch engages in a deadly hand-to-hand fight with the Reaper. He eventually beats him to death for what he did to his family. That was the first time that we saw Hotch go that far on “Criminal Minds”; it haunted him for a long time.