‘Criminal Minds’ Paramount+ Revival Bringing Back Six Fan-Favorite Actors

by Chase Thomas

“Criminal Minds” was one of the biggest crime dramas of its time. Even after it has concluded on CBS, folks all across the country are still binge-watching old episodes in high numbers. Perhaps, then, it should come as no surprise that the “Criminal Minds” Paramount+ revival is bringing back six fan-favorite actors into the fold. Paget Brewster, Joe Mantegna, AJ Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, and Aisha Taylor are all coming back for the revival.

Outside of those three names, though, not much else is currently available about the program. One big name missing is Matthew Gray Gubler, who will reportedly not be returning as Spencer Reid. Just a few months prior, there were questions as to whether or not a revival would happen. Now, it looks as though it is with a number of familiar faces returning to the fold.

Paget Brewster on “Criminal Minds”

Brewster has had a wild ride on the program over the years. In the end, she became the leader and replaced Agent Hotch as Agent Prentiss. She was not an original member and left the show early on.

She told Assignment X, “Well, I had always been open to guest-starring in the four years after I left. I came back and guest-starred twice, and [in 2016], they came to me and said, ‘Will you guest-star again?’ I said, ‘Sure, I’ll do six throughout the year.’ And then the dust-up that happened with Mr. Gibson, and they said, ‘Please stay, because losing him is going to hurt us.’ And I understood that, and they’re all my friends, and I’d already shot three episodes as a guest, and I was having a great time, so I said, ‘All right.’”

Thomas Gibson leaving the program changed a lot. She was just guest-starring before then. Now, there was a big opening and Brewster took it and became a big-time player on the CBS drama.

Still, it had to be odd for Brewster. She came back without two big-time characters in Gibson and Shemar Moore. She continued, “Oh, yeah. When I guested one time Shemar wasn’t there, and that was weird, so then to have neither of them – yeah, it’s an adjustment. Those guys are great. They’re great at what they do, and they are missed. They’re larger-than-life personalities on set, and we worked together for years and years, so yeah, it’s different.”

No bad feelings from Brewster on Moore or Gibson. She enjoyed working with them. However, things change and folks want to do different things. Moore was a fan-favorite, though, and losing Agent Morgan was a big loss for the CBS drama. You can watch all seasons of “Criminal Minds” on Paramount+.