‘Criminal Minds’ Star Shemar Moore Once Pulled a Hilarious Prank

by Joe Rutland

There are times that things get silly on a TV show’s set. Pranks help out. One time, Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore got one.

This prank may not fall into the all-time prank of pranks. But it is worth mentioning while Moore remains a top star on SWAT on CBS. Yes, the same network that Criminal Minds aired on for a long, long time. Let’s get the lowdown about this funny thing with some help from Looper.

There is a DVD out dedicated to Moore’s old show. In there is a behind-the-scenes look both cast and crew filming a Season 9 episode titled The Black Queen.

‘Criminal Minds’ EP Remembers When Moore Shaved His Goatee

Executive producer Breen Frazier says that Moore “shaved his goatee, thinking that we were starting a new episode. That’s a problem because clean-faced Shemar doesn’t match all the other footage we shot of Shemar with the goatee.”

Well, what happens? See, the crew had some fun here. There was little chance for a makeup artist to fill in where his goatee would be on Criminal Minds.

So, the crew had some fun and told Moore they were going to use CGI. This way, Moore had to put green dots on his face where his goatee would be.

“One of the crew members goes, “Oh, I did a movie with Tom Hanks, and we had to do that for his beard,” Moore said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, Tom Hanks, Oscar winner. Well, if he had a beard and they had to do it, if Tom Hanks will do it, then I should do it.'”

Cast, Crew Were All In On The Prank That Got Moore Pretty Good

They shot several takes for this episode. Then the Criminal Minds crew told Moore to go from green dots to full-on green tape.

Oh boy. So, the entire cast and crew were going along with it. Then, in a scene that Moore was in with Kirsten Vangsness, the actress broke up. Vangsness “turned and had to look at him. She broke, and then we all broke,” Frazier said. Moore couldn’t believe he fell for it.

“I’m never going to live this down, ever,” he laughs. Well, that is one for the books indeed.

Still, Moore has been outspoken about the cast of that show just loving their pranks. He has been on the receiving end of a few. He talked about it in an interview with TV Guide.

Moore said “they [cast mates] used to punk me with fake rats. They’d put a string on a big ol’ long ball of black tape. I’d be in the middle of a scene, and they’d pull it through the scene.”