‘Criminal Minds’: This Was Matthew Gray Gubler’s Favorite Moment

by Chase Thomas

“Criminal Minds” is one of the biggest shows of the last two decades. The drama soared for fifteen seasons on CBS. One of the main reasons that the show took off was how much folks loved all the characters involved. One of those characters who became a beloved figure on the program for fifteen years was Matthew Gray Gubler who played Agent Spencer Reid. He was a completely different kind of FBI agent, but he was a great agent. Still, over the course of fifteen years, he had a lot of interesting moments. Well, this was Matthew Gray Gubler’s favorite moment from the show.

In a Facebook Q&A, Gubler said, “My favorite scene is — I had once directed an episode about human marionettes and a deranged madman turning people into puppets. And I directed a scene with this, I think really beautiful, but very ghastly dance to a lullaby version of a Pixies song. And I’m really proud of that scene. It’s definitely, I know we’ve never done anything like that on ‘Criminal Minds.’ I don’t think anyone’s done something like that before, so I’m proud of that.”

The scene, in particular, came in Episode 9 of Season 8. It was one of the weirder episodes and one of the weird criminals. Still, it was Gubler’s favorite because of how different it was. This tracks with the kind of character that Gubler always has been on the program as well.

Matthew Gray Gubler on “Criminal Minds”

Agent Reid was an unforgettable character on the program for many years. His character evolved a lot from who he was at the beginning to who he was at the end of the program. He was also a close friend to J.J. throughout the show. His character solved so many cases for the BAU, and one could argue he was the most important character from the beginning.

Gubler told Assignment X, “I don’t watch [much TV] – I hardly get to watch our show, because we’re shooting, but I think the difference is that ours has a tendency to be a little more on the suspense side, where it’s not so much a show about clues or forensics, it’s more about saving someone before they die, finding killers. I like to think that it’s a little more tense – more urgency, more at stake, I think. I haven’t seen enough other shows to really comment.”

Gubler is a busy guy. He does like that the show was always different. It was not like “CSI” in that it was about finding the killers. And finding them in time. It was a different show with a different feel. You can watch every single episode of “Criminal Minds” on Paramount+.