‘Criminal Minds’: Tim Curry Proved Why He’s the Master of Horror in One Episode

by Jacklyn Krol

Tim Curry took Criminal Minds by storm with his memorable guest-starring role.

As he portrayed one of the most iconic horror icons of all time, IT’s Pennywise the Clown, it wasn’t a surprise that he could pull off being a creepy serial killer on the series.

He was introduced during the Season 5 finale, “Our Darkest Hour” and appeared in the Season 6 premiere, “The Longest Night.”

He portrayed the unsub called the “Prince of Darkness” a.k.a. Billy Flynn. The Los Angeles killer preys on his victims in the dark and leaves one member of the family alive. Like other murderers, he had a rough life growing up and did not have a childhood. The team discover that his mother who was a sex worker let her clients abuse him. When he was 13, he ended up shooting his mother and a client. He was jailed for the killings and released when he turned 18. He began breaking into homes after his release and progressed to murder.

Curry’s character targeted Matt Spicer (Eric Close)’s family who survived Flynn murdering his family when he was a child. He is now grown up and a police detective. Flynn ended up kidnapping his daughter Ellie (Isabella Murad). He ended up having a list of over 200 victims.

‘Criminal Minds’ Cast Reacts to Tim

The cast of Criminal Minds are just as creeped out by the character and Curry’s amazing portrayal themselves.

Joe Mantegna told Cinema Blend that he was a fan of his work before he joined the crew.

“I thought Tim Curry’s character was just so…I love him so much in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and then you see him playing this character with us, where he’s the most disgusting human being in the world.

Actress Paget Brewster added, “In real life, he’s this lovely English gentleman, and then just turns into this creep.”

When asked what the unsub was the creepiest and left the lasting impression, Kirsten Vangsness immediately knew the answer. Plus, AJ Cook and Mantegna agreed with her answer.

Tim Curry, she told TV Insider. “He was the one that creeped me out the most.”

Criminal Mindswriter and co-executive producer Erica Messer gushed to Newsbreak about his acting skills.

“Who else can be the creepiest guy without saying a word?” she questioned.

Tim Curry is a dream. [Flynn] kills families, but always leaves one person alive, which is psychological torture for the rest of that person’s life. … He feeds off of making people powerless,” Messer added.