‘Criminal Minds’: The Time Morgan Was Arrested as a Serial Killer and Escaped Police Custody

by Joe Rutland

Remember Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds? We do. Shemar Moore was incredible in the role but do you remember when he was arrested?

No? Well, it was in an episode where he was accused of being a serial killer and then escaped police custody. OK, so let’s do some review work here thanks to some help from Looper.

The episode we are talking about is titled Profiler, Profiled. IMDb gives us a little insight on it with a brief synopsis: “Derek is arrested as a serial killer, and the team must delve into his secrets in order to free him.” Oh, this does sound intriguing. The episode took place in Season 2 of the CBS drama.

‘Criminal Minds’ Character Morgan Finds Himself Getting Arrested In Chicago

So, on Criminal Minds, Morgan returns home to Chicago to visit his family for his mother’s birthday. But the police arrest him. For what? He’s accused of killing three young boys. The BAU team starts an investigation Well, Hotch believes Morgan is hiding information.

What does this say? They uncover a sealed juvenile record. Morgan admitted that he was abused as a young man by Carl Buford. Morgan dodges the police and evades them. Now, he finds Buford is still abusing young men and confronts them.

Watching the show you can tell that Morgan shows that he holds the law in high esteem. So, this illegal evasion of custody is out of character. It also is serious enough to have caused some serious blowback from his superiors.

Character Grows Up and Saw His Own Father Killed In Line of Duty

Can you see why fans might find something redeemable with Morgan and this backstory? It’s simply amazing for the Criminal Minds star.

Morgan grew up in Chicago and, sadly, saw his father killed in the line of duty. His dad was a police officer. Derek specializes in explosives, fixations, and obsessive behaviors. The show has this character as a straight-laced, honorable agent.

As we have seen, there is a backstory to why Morgan does focus on safety. Even though he is an officer of the law, we have seen that he is not above breaking the law on Criminal Minds.

In 2005, this drama debuted on CBS and centers around the work of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit over a span of 15 seasons. The BAU assisted law enforcement agencies around the country in the search for humanity’s worst.

If you are looking for Shemar Moore these days, then you can find him on another CBS drama. He plays Daniel “Hondo” Henderson on SWAT and that’s another powerful show in the procedural world. Catch it on CBS and see where reruns are showing these days, too.