‘Criminal Minds’: Why This Former Star Likely Won’t Return for Paramount+ Series

by Chase Thomas

“Criminal Minds” has not been gone for very long after ending on CBS last year. No, the crime drama that ran for fifteen seasons is coming back for a new series on Paramount+. There were rumors about the possibilities for months, but it is happening. However, not everyone from the original cast is returning. This includes fan-favorite Matthew Gray Gubler, who played Spencer Reid for fifteen seasons. Now, we have another name not returning for the new series: Daniel Henney.

Why this former star won’t return for the Paramount+ series is different than Gubler. For Gubler, he was ready to move on from playing Agent Reid. For Henney, it is reportedly just a time issue. With his role on “The Wheel Of Time” he cannot commit to the series on Paramount+.

Among those who are returning: Paget Brewster, AJ Cook, Aisha Taylor, Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, and Adam Rodriguez.

Paget Brewster on “Criminal Minds”

One of the biggest swerves on the original CBS drama was Emily Prentiss’s fate. The show did a masterful job making it appear as though the agent was killed way back when.

She told AssignmentX, “You mean when I got stabbed in the spine with a table leg? Yeah, there was a lot of showering, a lot of blood and a lot of sweat and a lot of dust. We were in a dusty warehouse – that’s actual dust. That’s not movie magic, you’re in the dirt. But it was fun. At that point in time, it was kind of sad, because that’s when A.J. and I had been fired, so it was sad. It was hard.”

She and A.J. were being written off the show in very different ways. Cook was not killed off, while the show certainly made it seem as though Agent Prentiss would never be seen again. She had to go above and beyond to make it all look as rough as it.

Her Return

On her return to “Criminal Minds”, Brewster said, “What I had said was, “You’re not showing my face. You fired me, so they’ve written that I died, I died – I’ll shoot a scene, but I won’t show my face.” And of course, everyone knew my fingernails are all bitten down to nothing. So I had to reach out and take a file [and the hand was seen], so now Emily’s alive. Of course, now, thank God, I’m so happy that that happened, I’m glad I didn’t die. I’m fortunate enough to have returned to a show with writers good enough to make that make sense.”

It was a risky play to bring her back. It could have a gone a multitude of different ways. However, Brewster’s return was huge and now she is the head of the BAU.

You can watch “Criminal Minds” on Paramount+.