‘CSI’ Fan Theory Believes the Show Takes Place in Same Universe as ‘Dexter’

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Miami” and “Dexter” in the same universe; could it happen? A lot of series crossover into each other, notably crime dramas like “NCIS” and “Hawaii Five-0” or most notably “Law & Order” and the “One Chicago” franchise. But what about shows that really have nothing to do with each other?

Some fans on Reddit proposed the idea that “CSI: Miami” and “Dexter” could co-exist in the same universe. It’s certainly an interesting theory, and one I’m not totally opposed to.

One fan started the thread with a bold statement: “CSI Miami takes place in the same universe as Dexter.” They then elaborated, writing, “First, the obvious: they both take place in Miami Florida, the only difference being that the cast of CSI works the night shift and the cast of Dexter works the day shift. This is why they aren’t seen in the same episodes.”

A fair assumption. They continued, “Second, the amount of serial killers in CSI Miami is obviously way higher than in real life. Both in CSI and Dexter there are themed serial killers hiding around every corner. Coincidence? I think not!”

I think not indeed. I’m loving this theory, but some fans are skeptical. They chimed in the comments discussing the probability of the theory.

“I really like the theory,” another fan wrote in response, “but the fact that a few of the characters in ‘Dexter’ stay in the building for the whole night poke a few holes.” The shifts would then overlap, disproving the idea that “CSI” works one shift and Dexter works another.

‘CSI: Miami’ Fans Discuss ‘Dexter’ Connection Theory

More fans added to the conversation, and they were mostly skeptical. This is just a theory, after all, and made to be discussed at length.

One fan wrote, “They say that on any given day there are 300 serial killers active in the US so it isn’t totally unbelievable that there would so many in Miami.” Although the number is more like 25-50, the sentiment is still valid; there could be a good number of serial killers in Miami. A lot of people come to Florida for the weather, why not serial killers?

Another fan commented on the differences in technology. They wrote, “Unfortunately the technology used in CSI and Dexter are completely different. Dexter’s technology relies more on detective work and blood analysis, some particulate analysis. CSI uses anything and everything that sounds sciency.”

They continued, “If they were in the same universe Dexter’s team would have access to this awesome technology too. Also the CSI team would absolutely use Dexter as a blood analyst.”

So, as far as this theory goes, there seem to be too many holes in it for it to make sense. It’s a cool idea, and we can hang onto it for fun, but it just doesn’t seem plausible.