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‘CSI’ Fans Reflect on Episode Where the Bad Guy Wins

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images)

It is kind of hard to believe that a CSI episode would have the bad guy win. But it did happen and fans are talking about it.

Nearly every episode of this classic CBS series has the crime scene investigation team solving a crime. They use their talents and abilities to do so. Still, one time they didn’t get the W. A thread on Reddit is talking about this matter. It is titled “Season 2 ‘Alter Boys’ is the most powerful CSI episode”.

One fan starts us out, writing: “The first real CSI episode where the ‘bad guy’ gets away with the crime, and we learn a hell of a lot about Grissom. This was the episode back in the early 2000s where I thought ‘holy s**t, this is a great series’ and I continued on from that point.”

‘CSI’ Episodes Have Many Fans Taling About Which Ones Have Impact

This episode, according to IMDb, is about “A woman is found dead at a spa while a young man is found burying dead bodies.” And Grissom refers to Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen on the OG show.

Another Redditor says: “Season 2 really was the peak of CSI and set it up for such a long run as the biggest scripted show on TV. Bully For You, And Then There Were None, and the return of Paul Milander in Identity Crisis were all movie-level plots. I have a soft spot for The Finger too, Marg Helgenberger deserved an Emmy for that episode.”

Then this CSI fan replies: “Chaos Theory was a good episode too. One of the first eps the whole team are on the same case, and with a bit of an out-there conclusion.”

Franchise Continues to Roll Along With ‘CSI: Vegas’ On CBS

All of these episodes are available in syndication somewhere on TV. Still, the fact that these Redditors love this show so much that they remember episodes speaks volumes.

If you are looking for a CSI show on TV right now, then dial up for CSI: Vegas when it comes back for Season 2. Petersen had come back for Season 1 to play Grissom, along with Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle. Both will not be returning but the show continues to roll along.

But hold on to your hats, fans. It might be that Helgenberger, who played Catherine Willows, could come on back for this show. Yes! She is in talks with producers about coming back as Willows. This is according to TV Line. She has been appearing in All Rise. That show was on CBS but is now moving to OWN. Stay tuned for any news about this coming out soon.