‘CSI: Miami’ Fans Were Left Devastated After This Horatio Scene

by Joe Rutland

Watching CSI: Miami on a regular basis gives fans the chance to see a number of memorable Horatio Caine scenes. This one left fans speechless.

If you don’t recall, then Caine was played by actor David Caruso in the CBS crime drama. Now, which scene is the one that left fans speechless and devastated? We get some help about this in an article from Looper.

The episode is titled Rampage. Within the show is one of the franchise’s heartbreaking moments. This scene really affected Caruso a lot as he reportedly was unable to sleep at night.

‘CSI: Miami’ Scene Leaves Caine’s Wife Mortally Wounded After Shooting

What is this scene? It comes after Marisol Caine, played by Alana de la Garza, is gunned down by a drug syndicate sniper. This happens on CSI: Miami after a wedding ceremony for Horatio and Marisol. It’s also days after Marisol finishes out her final cancer treatments. 

“When you have these sequences floating around — once you begin the grind on the sequence — in other words, you begin to work it in your head, begin to scope the moments in your head, they’re tough to put down,” Caruso told CBS of Marisol Caine’s death. He also talked about their final scenes together.

“The other side of it was Alana was so fantastic in the scenes that I literally had to allow her to set the tone and, as I say, react and support her,” Caruso says. “She was amazing.”

Actor Admits Death Scenes Were Tough To Film, But It Let Him Act More

It was tough on CSI: Miami for the actor to film these scenes, including her death. But Caruso welcomed the chance to show off his acting abilities.

“In terms of this world and any opportunity as a performer, you want these challenges,” Caruso says to CBS. “You want there to be this much riding, and you want the types of scenes that we’ve had in the last two episodes to keep you up at night. … And the fear it raises and the pressure that it puts on you are good things because you will bring all of that with you.”

Caine was the centerpiece of CSI: Miami for its 10 seasons. We watched him almost get killed sometimes and worked through some harrowing events. He kept his emotions in check until that Season 4 episode.

CBS News even called this episode “one of the most shocking and emotional episodes ever.” Fans still talk about this one on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to see episodes from the show, then just check out your cable system and find them there. Hit that search button on your Roku and see if you can find some, too.