‘CSI’: One Team Faced the Worst of the Worst

by Megan Molseed

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was only the beginning of a massively successful television franchise that has now spanned over two decades. After the popular CBS investigation series premiered in 2000, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has gone on to spawn multiple spin-off shows. This expansion of the procedural series led to a variety of memorable characters, criminals, and, of course, killers.

As the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise grew, the shows began exploring a variety of storylines specific to the core topic of each particular series. Some CSI franchise storylines saw the teams investigating crimes of passion; while others faced crimes involving kidnappings, terrifying mass casualties, or even terrorism. Additionally, many of the CSI investigators across the franchise have dealt with some terrifying serial killers at one point or another. However, one series takes the prize for featuring the most serial killers during its fifteen-year run on CBS. Which show was this? The OG of all the CSI’s, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ Features Quite a Few Serial Murderers

From 2000 until 2015, the CSI teams go head to head with a total of 29 serial killers. For those who are working the math, this shakes down to just under two serial killers per season. Many of these killer storylines are part of a multiple-episode arc. Giving the viewer a sort of two-for-one deal; as the team continues to investigate the serial murders, but also takes on new cases each episode.

Over the years, the CSI team went head to head with Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Gig Harbor Killer; the killer dentist David Lowry, who is portrayed by Ned Beatty; and the biggest serial killer the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation team took down during its run, is Nate Haskell, or “The Dick & Jane Killer.”

Portrayed by Bill Irwin, this terrifying killer gave the team a run for its money with thirty victims total. 12 of the victims meet their fate at the hands of the killer’s fans and copycat killers.

The next CSI installment to feature the most serial killers is CSI: NY. This show may fall into second place in this category. However, the series is still way-off number-wise from the original series. In total, the series features nine serial murderers. Some of these killers include Kam Haskin’s Suspect X; Hollis Eckhart, otherwise known as The Compass Killer who is portrayed by Skeet Ulrich. The deadliest serial killer the CSI: NY team had to face during the show’s run is Jonah Lotan’s Doctor Marty Pino. This killer was captured after killing a total of 11 victims.