‘CSI’: Original Cast Member to Return for CBS Revival

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images)

It’s beginning to look like old friends are gathering together for CBS’s revival of “CSI.” Another original cast member is set to appear.

Paul Guilfoyle, who played Las Vegas Police Department Captain Jim Brass in 14 of the 15 seasons the original “CSI” aired, is going to reprise his role. The new “CSI: Vegas” show, according to an article from TVLine.com, will have Guilfoyle make two guest appearances as Brass.

Original cast members already on board include William Petersen, Jorja Fox, and Wallace Langham. Petersen played Gil, Fox played Sara, and Langham played Hodges. They will return in those roles.

If you’re wondering about former cast members like Marg Helgenberger and George Eads, then there’s no news about their return. Helgenberger played Catherine Willows and Eads played Nick Stokes. Should they decide to return, then CBS will release that news, too.

‘CSI’ Originally Ran For 15 Seasons, Had Three Spinoffs On CBS

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” originally aired between 2000-2015 on CBS. There were three spinoffs from the original show. “CSI: Miami,” starring David Caruso, “CSI: New York,” starring Gary Sinise, and “CSI: Cyber,” starring Patricia Arquette, made up the trio.

All of the shows had a similar thread where teams of investigators would go out and pick up crime scene evidence. They are in their offices or laboratories taking the evidence apart piece by piece. Sometimes, “CSI” would tear up repossessed cars, find clues on roadways, or look at forensic evidence after an autopsy.

The teams would take their time and pick through the subject matter, eventually coming to a conclusion about why a crime happened. What separated each “CSI” show from another involved the characters themselves. “CSI” went through two different crime lab leaders during its original run on CBS. Peterson was first, followed by Ted Danson.

Laurence Fishburne spends one season on the show. His character, Dr. Ray Langston, goes off to care for his traumatized wife after she is attacked by serial killer Nate Haskell in the show. Langston murders Haskell yet Brass arrives first and ensures Langston that it’ll be ruled a justifiable homicide as self-defense.

Another thing that stands out for “CSI” is four of its shows use music from rock band The Who for their theme songs. ‘CSI” had “Who Are You?” while “CSI: Miami” used “Won’t Get Fooled Again” during the shows’ introductions. Also, “CSI: New York” used “Baba O’Riley” and “CSI: Cyber” played “I Can See For Miles” as their episodes opened up each week.