‘CSI: Vegas’: After Losing Key Ally, What Do Sara and Grissom Do Next?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We’ve had a lot of twists and surprises on “CSI: Vegas” since it started, and episode 7, “In the Blood,” was no exception. We learned some new things about Josh Folsom; got a peek into Anson Wix’s home life, and Sara had to stop Hodges from confronting Anson and blowing their whole case.

But, the most shocking twist came near the end of the episode; Maxine Roby was suspended as the crime lab boss. She’s being demoted, and all because she put in a call to the Washoe crime lab to check on the Hodges case early in the episode.

In a previous episode, Internal Affairs took the Hodges case away from the Las Vegas crime lab to avoid conflict of interest. Sara and Grissom used to work with Hodges, and Internal Affairs was worried they’d be biased. Obviously, they’ll do what they always do and follow the truth. But not everyone knows them like that.

Maxine has been helping Sara and Grissom investigate the Hodges case anyway, putting her job at risk to do so. That risk came to a head in the recent episode. Undersheriff Cade Wyatt was tasked with breaking the news to Maxine. “This came from on high,” he tells her. She asks who’s behind it, and he points to a photo of Anson Wix. “Ask him,” he says.

Anson Wix strikes again. He’s systematically dismantling the crime lab like he’s trying to starve Sara and Grissom out by taking all their resources. So, what can Sara and Grissom do next? What are they going to do without this powerful ally in their corner?

‘CSI: Vegas’: What Will Sara and Grissom Do Now?

This is bad news for Sara and Grissom; Maxine was their biggest ally, and now they have no one. The team is solving mysteries-of-the-week, and Maxine is suspended, so who can they turn to? Also, they’re technically not even supposed to be working this case.

Hopefully, they don’t go to Hodges to help solve his own case. That just wouldn’t make any sense. What I’m hoping for as we get closer to the season finale, is that the team comes together to help Sara and Grissom in an epic battle of evidence.

Additionally, this is devastating for Maxine, as the crime lab is her life’s work. She’s on a mission to protect it at the risk of her job, and that’s exactly what happened. Now she has to prove herself even more to the higher-ups at the crime lab that she’s not a risk to the case. This will be a huge blow to the characters that we’ll have to wait and see play out on next week’s episode. Hopefully, the thrills and mysteries keep coming on “CSI: Vegas.”