‘CSI: Vegas’ Creator Reveals Some Series Veterans Will Be Showing Up on the Revival Show

by Anna Dunn

The creator of CSI: Vegas just revealed some major actors from CSI will be making an appearance on the highly anticipated series. While we already knew William Peterson was returning as Gil Grissom, Jorja Fox was returning as Sara Sidle, and Wallace Langham was returning as David Hodges, it turns out that there are going to be plenty of familiar faces on the new show.

We also knew that Paul Guilfoyle would make a return, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Executive producer Anthony Zuiker spoke about returning actors during a TCA panel for the upcoming revival.

“Anytime we can get any of our veterans back, it’s such a great plus for all of our fans,” the CSI: Vegas executive producer said according to Deadline. “We have a couple more surprises in store. I could probably say that. But the fantastic blend of the original cast members with a brand new, diverse team in 2021 and beyond is such a great treat for the CSI fans and the franchise.”

It’s impossible to tell what cast members will be coming back as a surprise, but one of them may not be coming back as a protagonist.

The New Season of ‘CSI: Vegas’ Follows Corruption from Within

CSI: Vegas is coming back with a bang, reportedly following corruption within the agency. A new intense teaser for the show shows Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle returning to the crime lab after an explosive report that a corrupt agent had been working at the crime lab for over 20 years.

This could mean that one of those agents could be a familiar face from the previous series. It would be quite the twist to reveal a former character from the series was never actually a good guy.

CSI: Vegas , however, is also adding plenty of fresh faces to the cast. Mandeep Dhillon, Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez, and Paula Newsome are all joining the franchise. Newsome will play Maxine Roby, who is running the lab. The teaser shows Roby scrambling as the reputation of the lab could go up in flames due to the new explosive report.

Whether these characters are new to the CSI: Vegas crime lab or they’re familiar faces, the new teaser makes it clear that nobody is safe in the upcoming series. Both William Peterson and Jorja Fox had to question whether or not they wanted to return to the series, but ultimately, they seem thrilled to be back with the cast.

“It’s a real thrill to be able to do this with everybody again,” Peterson said.

The new season of CSI: Vegas will air on October 6. You can catch the trailer below, which makes it clear that in the new season, “Justice is coming. And it will be swift.”