‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Debate How Season Stacks Up With Franchise

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” is gearing up for season 2, and fans took to Reddit to discuss how season one of the reboot holds up. The original post asked what parts fans liked and didn’t like about the season. “I hope they make season 2 more interesting,” they wrote. “I feel like they will if the next big case is FBI level threat enough for Catherine to come in […] What are your thoughts about it as a whole?”

One fan started out the conversation by saying it “wasn’t great but watchable. And [I’m] willing to give season 2 a chance. I just hope that they let the new characters run the show instead of having to bring in an old character to get people to watch the show. It was nice seeing Sara and Grissom working on a case. And I know that they were brought in to bring the OG fans in to watch the show. But the show isn’t going to last long if each season they have to bring in someone from the original cast in.”

Currently, Marg Helgenberger is slated to return for season 2, reprising her role as Catherine Willows. It will be interesting to see what part she plays at the crime lab; if she’s going to be filling in the Sara and Grissom shaped hole in the lab.

Another fan replied, “Like it a lot. Perfect? No. A welcomed diversion from the ugliness of the world? Absolutely! Loved Paula Newsome and will give S2 a fair chance. As long as they don’t try to make Folsom into Grissom.”

Folsom definitely has big shoes to fill now that Grissom is gone. He’s hopefully not going to completely replace him. Folsom and Grissom are totally different characters; while Folsom is basically taking over where Grissom left off, it would be unfair to Folsom to compare the two.

How Fans Feel About ‘CSI: Vegas’ Compared to the Franchise

One “CSI: Vegas” fan had an interesting theory as to why the original characters are coming back. “I think they know that the new cast, mainly Allie and Folsom….are to weak to carry the new series,” they wrote. “So their plan is to rotate out the OG cast to keep people tuned in to view until the new cast is strong.”

True, the cast is a little weak at the moment. Things were rushed, notably Allie and Folsom’s relationship. I think “CSI: Vegas” wasn’t sure if they’d get another season. So, they tried to fit too many things into a limited series. Essentially, now the show has the chance to develop its characters in ways that make sense.

Another comment read, “This was clearly nothing more than a really long pilot, with a side stroll down memory lane… And in a limited budget.” This fan liked the season, but felt that it didn’t meet their expectations. They continued, “I hope and somewhat expect now that they are going to go with a full season and a full budget, that they will be [able] to expand the cast and get the show on more solid footing and give less for people to whine about.”