‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Debate What Future Casts Could Look Like

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” season 2 is on the way, and the fan theories are coming out of the woodwork. A while ago, fans took to Reddit to discuss future spin-offs, and what the series might look like in a different city.

In a thread titled, “Dream locations and cast for future CSI spin-offs,” the original post asked, “There’s Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Washington D.C. (Cyber). Do you ever wish for a spin-off in other US cities?” The post gave some examples like San Diego and San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New Orleans, and Phoenix. They also wrote that their dream location was Denver, Colorado.

“I love the idea of having Denver as a location.” one fan agreed. “I would also like to see Nick’s character return.” Having a series in San Diego would be a reason to bring Nick Stokes back, but George Eads on set behavior from the original series could throw a wrench in things. That’s a whole other can of worms for another time.

One fan suggested, “Philadelphia via CSI: NY & Cold Case,” while another claimed that having “CSI” in multiple cities defeats the purpose. True, “CSI” was specifically based on the real Las Vegas crime lab, but who says we can’t focus on other crime labs, too?

As for me, I want to suggest another Florida one, but the only interesting place is Miami, and that was already done. Although, “CSI: Tampa Bay,” anyone? The big cities do well for crime shows, but how about some small-ish town crime lab action?

In terms of big cities, though, “CSI: Philly” and “CSI: Chicago” could be cool. One fan suggested “CSI: Reno 911,” which is the best answer of them all.

‘CSI: Vegas’: How Does the Series Stack Up to the Original?

“CSI: Vegas” fans recently discussed the first season on Reddit, talking about how it stands up against the original, and if they liked it or not. Most fans were generally positive, but had some suggestions for season 2.

One fan started by saying it “wasn’t great but watchable. And [I’m] willing to give season 2 a chance. I just hope that they let the new characters run the show instead of having to bring in an old character to get people to watch the show. It was nice seeing Sara and Grissom working on a case. And I know that they were brought in to bring the OG fans in to watch the show. But the show isn’t going to last long if each season they have to bring in someone from the original cast in.”

Others expressed that they liked the season, and would give season 2 a chance. But, a lot of fans don’t want Folsom to be compared to Grissom, or take Grissom’s place. Honestly, it would be unfair to Folsom to compare the two; he and Grissom are definitely very different.

Overall, “CSI” fans are willing to give season 2 a chance. They just hope that the series doesn’t solely rely on bringing back old characters to carry the show.