‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Thrilled To See Sara Sidle Return in Episode 1

by Shelby Scott

Crime drama fans are ecstatic to see the return of their beloved “CSI” crew to screens tonight. The hit show’s characters made their latest debut on “CSI: Vegas” several years after the program concluded. Airing between 2000 and 2015, the show drew hordes of attention. Much interest surrounded the romance between fan-favorite couple Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom. And though Outsiders have long-awaited the return of the team, others are simply thrilled to see Sara Sidle return in the very first episode of “CSI: Vegas.”

Much like several other crime drama series, “CSI” aired for more than a decade. It makes sense then that fans pined when the show concluded six years ago. However, now, not only are “CSI” fans reliving their favorite on-screen romance in the latest edition, “CSI: Vegas.” They’re immediately reintroduced to Sara Sidle, and Twitter is abuzz with delight.

“CSI: Vegas” fan, Alana, wrote “Welcome back, @JorjaFoxofficia!!”

Still other fans shared incredibly emotional reactions, utilizing multiple crying and heart emojis.

Of her return, Fox said, “One of the most exciting parts for me of coming back was there’s been this longstanding love affair between Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle…It’s as old as the series itself.”

She further shared that, while much of the romance previously took place off the screen, “CSI: Vegas” plans to more publicly capture that dynamic.

“CSI” Fans Share Emotional Reactions “CSI: Vegas” Premiere

While there’s no doubt “CSI: Vegas” viewers are beyond thrilled to see the return of Sara Sidle, those same fans shared some emotional reactions across Twitter prior to the show’s premiere. Truthfully, after six years of waiting, they have every right.

Ally wrote on the sharing platform earlier, “someone hold me I can’t contain my excitement for #CSIVegas finally coming back.”

Further, in preparation for tonight’s premiere, fans did what they could to cope with the hours-long wait. One “CSI: Vegas” fan wrote, “I’m up from my nap. CSI in 50 minutes…i’m about to go absolutely feral i’m so sorry.” Don’t be sorry, Lex! We’re sure plenty other “CSI: Vegas” fans went pretty feral following the premiere conclusion several minutes ago.

Meanwhile, the show’s official Twitter page went pretty hostile earlier. “The only thing you can do while we wait for #CSIVegas is to watch #CSI.” Savage, I tell you.

Nevertheless, the wait finally came to an end and Outsider is excited to see what you “CSI: Vegas” fans have to say about the hit show’s new spin-off. Needless to say, we’re sure it was quite emotional in several aspects. Additionally, we’re excited to see where Grissom and Sidle’s revamped relationship goes from here.