‘CSI: Vegas’ Featured One ‘Friday Night Lights’ Alum in Pivotal Role

by Lauren Boisvert

It feels like ages ago that “CSI: Vegas” was on the air; it was literally only last year, but we all know 2021 lasted for 5 years. Coincidentally, if you watched “Friday Night Lights” even many more years ago, someone on “CSI: Vegas” should look familiar.

Matt Lauria previously played Luke Cafferty on “Friday Night Lights.” His role lasted 26 episodes, and spanned seasons 4 and 5. Luke’s whole deal was that he had a fake home address; with it, he could attend West Dillon High and play for the Panthers. Later, it’s revealed that he’s actually zoned for East Dillon High, and must play for the rival Lions.

In a 2020 interview with Today, Lauria spoke about his most meaningful role of his career so far, citing his role as Luke on “Friday Night Lights.” He said in the interview, “I watched the first episode of the show […] and I was like, ‘I should have been in this show. I can’t believe I wasn’t in this show.’ I just felt like it was my mission in life to be on this show.”

When he finally got his chance, he was greeted by warmth from the cast, and an innate need to do right by the show. “Kyle [Chandler] gave this very coach-esque speech that was very generous and very welcoming. And at the same time, in effect, was saying, ‘You’ll never have an opportunity like this ever again. Don’t take it for granted. We did something special here. You’re gonna love this. But don’t blow it.’ But, in a nice way. And I felt the burden of responsibility.”

Could ‘CSI: Vegas’ Bring Back a Forgotten Storyline?

Currently, Lauria portrays Josh Folsom on “CSI: Vegas.” We don’t know much about Folsom as of yet; we found out his father had gambling debts, and that he likes horses. He also had a romantic entanglement with his fellow CSI, Allie Rajan. That’s about it.

But, could Folsom and the team – minus Sara and Grissom – be dealing with an old enemy from the original series? There’s speculation that a forgotten storyline could be given some new bones in season 2; although showrunner Jason Tracey won’t confirm anything.

What we’re talking about is Sqweegel. Or, rather, who. Sqweegel was a vigilante killer who terrorized and murdered local heroes with shady pasts. One killed her sick son; another had an affair while on the Family Values committee; another was a firefighter who set his own fires in order to look like a hero. The thing about Sqweegel was that he dressed in a black latex bodysuit, and never left forensic evidence.

Now, the figure in the “CSI: Vegas” finale scene was wearing black gloves; could that be a bodysuit hidden out of frame? Or is this someone totally new, just wearing gloves? The writers might be cheesed if we’ve guessed their villain already, but Sqweegel could make for an interesting and terrifying season two.