‘CSI: Vegas’ Has ‘Ace in the Hole’ with New Promo

by Joe Rutland

Outsiders have been waiting for “CSI: Vegas” to premiere and that will happen. But the CBS drama has delivered a little morsel.

See, the TV show, which is part of the CSI franchise, is based in Las Vegas. You are saying, “Yep, same as ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.’ Saw that one and loved it. What’s up with this show?” Obviously, seeing pictures of William Peterson and Jorja Fox back in their roles will give fans something to connect both shows.

But “CSI: Vegas” has a little different spin to it. It might even have an “Ace in the Hole” to show off. No, Outsiders, we’re not talking about the George Strait song. Yet if you are making the connection between the song and this tease from the show, then you’ll be disappointed.

Take a look at what “CSI: Vegas” shared with the world on Twitter on Friday.

In case you aren’t familiar with Peterson and Fox, then let’s give you some “CSI” cast notes. He played Gil Grissom, who oversaw the graveyard shift at CSI’s office in Las Vegas. Fox played Sara Sidle, a CSI level III analyst. Both characters worked together and also fell in love with one another.

They are returning to this show in those roles. It will give fans a reason to tie them back with the 15-season “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” series.

When “CSI: Vegas” rolls the dice and opens up, the show will do so on Wednesday, Oct. 6. Catch it on CBS at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Nothing like watching this interesting and unique series just before bedtime.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Added Two Stars To Spin-off Show’s Cast

It might be interesting for those longtime fans out there to know that two retuning stars from “CSI” are geeked about playing them again.

Yes, you will hear “CSI: Vegas” star Peterson express a little hesitation while another one was ready to roll.

Peterson and Fox did an interview with TV Insider. They shared their reactions to being asked to play Grissom and Sidle again.

“I was hesitant,” Peterson said. “But the idea of coming back and doing this with Jorja…”

Meanwhile, Fox had her own reservations. That changed, though, when learning of her old castmate’s involvement in “CSI: Vegas” really quick.

“I was also hesitant—I felt like the story left Sara and Grissom in paradise together,” Fox said. “But getting to work with William Petersen again? They had me at hello!”

“CSI” fans are almost saying “they had me at hello!” too. Getting a chance to spend time every week with these two compelling characters is too good to pass up.

Set your clocks, Outsiders. Gil and Sara are coming back, again, in Viva Las Vegas.